New Year’s magic can begin – enjoy in Belgrade and all its charms!

Every year on the eve of the New Year’s holidays, Belgrade gets a special charm. The streets are decorated with various lighting, unusual decorations are sprouting on the squares and promenades, the most beautiful restaurants in Belgrade are turning into the most idyllic places, and people are overwhelmed with a sense of euphoria and joy over New Year’s Eve and farewell to the old.

As our capital is known for its top nightlife around the world, the influx of tourists is huge just before New Year’s Eve. Therefore, in addition to top music, services, drinks and food, special attention was paid to the New Year’s decoration of many restaurants in Belgrade.

In accordance with the festive atmosphere, countless restaurants and cafes take on a completely new look thanks to the magic contributed by the New Year’s decoration, which is more and more creative and authentic every year.

Although it seems as if we have seen everything, when it comes to the most beautiful bars in Belgrade, every year we witness completely different, fluttering and unique decorations that leave us breathless.

Aleksandar Club – a cult place with an enchanting view
One of the most popular restaurants among Belgraders, with an incredible view of Belgrade, is Aleksandar kub – Ski Trail. It is considered to be one of the most romantic, because its unusual location, large garden and view of the city are something that attracts many to enjoy its charms again and again.

Alexander Club is located in the most beautiful part of Kosutnjak and thanks to the beautiful nature in which it is located, during the winter it becomes a real oasis for decoration and holiday magic. In addition to decorations and lamps, there are also trails with snow, which makes you feel like you are on top of a mountain, in the middle of a winter idyll.

The garden of the Alexander Club is a place where New Year’s decorations are especially pronounced, because what really adorns this place is the view of decorated Belgrade. Fireworks can often be seen in several places, especially during the Reception, when at the same time the starry sky glows with fireworks from various parts of the city.

Foto: Unsplash

Restaurant Gardoš – decoration of hilly Zemun
Another restaurant with a beautiful view of our capital is the restaurant Gardoš in Zemun. For many, it is a perfect place to enjoy because of the authentic ambience on the hilly part of Zemun, near the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers.

During the holidays, the Gardoš restaurant is transformed into a romantic and fairytale place due to its exceptional beauty, but also the soul given to it by New Year’s decorations. A special decoration that enhances the experience of this restaurant throughout is the Gardoš Tower.

That is why it is not surprising why the Gardoš restaurant is among the first on the list when it comes to the most beautiful restaurants in Belgrade and relaxing with a top glass of wine in a festive ambience.

Restaurant Kalemegdanska terasa – a symbol of Kalemegdan
Located in the heart of the historical part of Belgrade on the 13th century fortress, the Kalemegdan Terrace restaurant is certainly one of those places that exude tradition and prestige for many years. It is a favorite stopover for many hedonists who like to enjoy great food, drink and music within this luxurious setting.

The Kalemegdan Terrace Restaurant received a special beauty during the holidays, because the New Year’s decoration of the restaurant was carefully designed to completely fit in and beautify the entire interior.

Some of the most beautiful New Year’s parties are held in this restaurant precisely because of its idyllic New Year’s Eve look. Everything is subordinated to the festive atmosphere, so this place is ideal during the winter days if you like to feel like in a New Year’s fairy tale.

Have you already decided where you will celebrate the New Year? If your choice is Belgrade, know that a lot of fun and unforgettable moments await you that only our capital can offer!

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