Where to stay in Belgrade?

What’s the best area to stay in Belgrade? Where to book a hotel or hostel room, AirBnB? Find out in this blog post!

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This little blog post covers the best AREAS to book a hotel room, hostel, AirBnB etc. I will cover the most interesting hotels and other places in one of the next posts, but for now, I will suggest the best areas to reserve a room.

As I have previously mentioned, traffic jams are a thing in Belgrade and public transport isn’t something you can count on. Also, New Belgrade part of the town, in my personal opinion, isn’t the best place to book a room, not necessarily because of the safety issues (it’s pretty safe, maybe not as much as the old part of the town) but because you are far away from every important landmark, except for those clubs on the river-side (“splav” or “splavovi” in plural) that you probably have heard about.

The map

I have poorly drawn the circles on the map and it looks like this:

Belgrade city map

Please click on it for the bigger and more clearer picture. The explanation:

  • Purple circle – this is the city center and if you find a hotel there that suits your needs, go for it. You will be able to walk everywhere and be at the heart of the town. There are shopping malls on New Belgrade that you are missing out on and mentioned “splavovi”, but you really save a lot of time since you don’t need to travel or use the public transport.
  • Orange circle – This one is kinda my favourite. It’s only the part covered by orange but not the one covered by purple circle. It’s also the city center, but not quite. Lots of cool areas there – Tašmajdan park, Vukov spomenik park, St.Sava temple, Slavija square and many more. It’s near enough that you can walk to the city center, but also not so near so you can enjoy more quiet part of the town.

If you book a room in either Purple or Orange circle you are where you need to be. If you book outside of the area, expect lots of commuting and traffic jams if you go during the rush hour.

I cannot recommend any hotel at this point, as I’m from Belgrade and didn’t stay in any of them, but I will try to figure out a way to recommend those as well. Stay tuned!

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