Is tap water in Belgrade safe for drinking?

Do you drink tap water in Belgrade or not?

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The water from the water supply system is regularly checked and info about the quality of the water is published online and through news. Even though Serbia has more than a dozen brands of bottled-water, tap water is perfectly safe for drinking. No matter if you are in a hotel, AirBnB or anywhere else, you can freely drink the water from the kitchen or bathroom.

It goes the same way for drinking fountains throughout the city – there are lots of those and the water is safe for drinking.

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Bottled water

On the other hand, if you wanna play it safe for whatever reason and drink bottled water, you have a variety of choice as Serbia has “a ton” of springs. Here are the most popular ones:

  • “Aqua Viva” is still water from one of the most popular manufacturers “Knjaz Miloš”. Its bubbly counterpart is called as the factory itself – “Knjaz Miloš”.
  • “Rosa” is another popular brand of still water (now owned by Coca Cola) and by my opinion, it’s the only bottled water that has a different taste than the rest.
  • “Prolom” – still water from the Prolom spa, has a special set of minerals so it’s recommended for the people with urinary issues, but also is consumed by everyone.
  • “MG Mivela” – Lots of magnesium in this one, don’t have non-sparkle version it’s just with more or less gas.
  • Voda Voda – Square-shaped bottle, easy to recognize

There’s also a ton more – BiVoda, Odmenska, St.John, Aqua Gala … didn’t even know we had so much.

Water in a cafe or a restaurant

If you ask for a glass of water in a cafe or a restaurant, they will usually bring you tap water (or bring it even if you don’t ask for it).

So, if you want a bottled water, you need to ask for it, and on the other hand, if you didn’t ask for bottled water and they bring it anyways, politely ask for a tap water. Don’t take “The water is not drinkable” as an excuse – 99% of the time it is and they just want to sell you bottled water.

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