Sushi vs kebabs – Mini snacks for maxi gastro pleasure!

Sushi Belgrade or a good old barbecue in Belgrade? What is your recipe for happiness? Both specialties are popular. The fame around them is the only thing they have in common. Originated on different continents. They are thousands of kilometers apart. Still, there are neighbors here. And in a very good relationship.

Sushi restaurants in Belgrade are an absolute attraction. Recipes, portions, ambience. Everything is top notch. In the original, Japanese style, nothing is left to chance. Precise perfection caresses the palate with every bite. Photogenic portions do not only have an instant effect on social networks. Fresh fish, rice, vegetables and aromatic sauce satisfy the appetite in a very healthy way.

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According to the original recipe, they are eaten with the help of chopsticks. Beginner steps and consuming food in an atypical way are quickly becoming a thing of the past. It only takes a little willpower. And a good teacher. The most popular representative of Asian cuisine has another advantage. Sushi is easily transported and delivered to the workplace, home or to hang out with friends. It does not require special serving. Find your favorite mix and indulge in a magic called sushi.

The total opposite of modern sushi are traditional kebabs. For years, there has been controversy about their impact on weight. The percentage of fat is not small, especially if the custom is “respected” and a portion of kebabs is eaten in a bun. French fries as a side dish increase the number of calories but also the breadth of a smile. Sarajevo, Pazar, Leskovac. Countless recipes count even more fans. One thing is for sure – kebabs in Belgrade are inviolable.

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Kebabs are available in restaurants that have a barbecue section on the menu. Steet food is their second home. Finely chopped onion best friend. Some are tastier with their feet. Most people know that proven restaurants are ideal locations for a portion of kebabs.

Some say that the widely known edition of minced meat has no competition. At least not at home. Others disagree and believe that the era of kebabs is over, and that the new millennium is reserved for sushi. Don’t waste time debating, especially not on an empty stomach. Taste sushi and kebabs, the best that Belgrade has to offer.

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