The greatest Christian holiday – Easter is coming

The days ahead bring one of the most beautiful and greatest Christian holidays, and that is Easter. Some people say Easter, but in any case, the value of this holiday is very high and the holidays are strictly respected. Easter is the happiest holiday, especially for the youngest ones who are looking forward to painting eggs, which is traditionally done on Good Friday. Due to its importance, all the days before Easter, ie the days in the last week of fasting, are called Great. Good Friday is a day when one strictly fasts, and it is desirable not to eat at all on that day, thus marking the day when Jesus suffered and the day is considered the saddest day of the year.

No work is done that day except painting the eggs. Thus, honor is paid to this day, when one should not rejoice, listen to music and behave lewdly, but spend the day in peace and introspection. This is one of the old commandments of the church, but that day is still most respected only by strict fasting. Easter is celebrated as the day of Christ’s resurrection, and then those who fasted the entire Easter fast for seven weeks end it with a liturgy in the church and communion.

On Easter, people greet each other with the words “Christ is born”, and greet each other with the words “Truly he is born”. Easter is the day when the family gathers around a rich holiday table. The day when children and the elderly compete in whose Easter egg is more beautiful and stronger, and that is measured by the so-called Easter egg beating. In many places, even bigger competitions are organized, where the winner receives a symbolic award and competes next year as the holder of last year’s title.

As a rule, the first egg that is painted on Good Friday must be red, it symbolizes Jesus’ innocent blood and it is kept throughout the year in a certain place and is considered a “Guardian”. This egg also symbolizes life, the day when Jesus overcame death and gave hope to all Christians in eternal life.

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Easter is a holiday that moves every year and does not have a fixed date. It is always celebrated for three days and gathers the family and further relatives in peace and happiness. Nothing is being done in those days and everything has been done in the significance of this holiday. Families, friends and families visit each other and use that time for rapprochement, for which they have less time during the year due to work and other work obligations.

This year, as well as last year, one of the biggest holidays will be celebrated among the closest ones due to the current pandemic.

Although in previous years the Serbian capital was full of tourists during the Easter holidays, it seems that this year will be different. However, we hope that all those who want and know how to enjoy everything that Belgrade has to offer, will come next year, when we will finally be able to enjoy and you can visit all the places in Belgrade that you wanted.

We wish all Orthodox believers to spend the holiday in peace and prosperity, to rest and enjoy with their loved ones.

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