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Enjoy with all your senses – visit the best restaurants by the river

Two beautiful rivers, fantastic nature and top culinary offer are just a part of what awaits you when it comes to the Belgrade catering scene.

Some of the most beautiful restaurants, which are located on the banks of the Sava and Danube rivers, have a lot to offer their guests. In addition to a rich menu where you can find an adequate offer of food and drinks for everyone, there is also a beautiful view that is enjoyed by all the senses, but also a top service that will meet the criteria of even the most demanding guests.

If you want to enjoy a pleasant ambience and great food in one of the famous Belgrade restaurants located on the banks of the Sava and Danube, then these are the restaurants you must visit.

Restaurant Ušće – National Class
Warm summer evenings have a special charm if you experience them in Belgrade on the river. Great restaurant Ušće – National Class is one of those restaurants that have the opportunity to welcome their guests right there, on the banks of two rivers, the Sava and the Danube.

Its beautiful garden attracts a large number of true hedonists every night, who want to enjoy every moment. The modern ambience, friendly staff and beautiful views of the river make it one of the favorite restaurants for all occasions.

Whether you decide to spend a pleasant afternoon with your family or you want to feel the taste of the evening, we are sure that the restaurant Ušće – National Class will pick up all your sympathies.

The gastronomic offer of this restaurant is based on Serbian national cuisine and a large selection of real old specialties. They are inevitably accompanied by an excellent offer of home-made drinks, which will awaken the appetite and enliven the atmosphere.

If you like restaurants where you will feel comfortable and relaxed, restaurants where guest satisfaction is always in the first place, then you should definitely visit the restaurant Usce – National Class. Indulge in the charms of top quality food, music and enjoy the view that is worth a thousand words.

Restaurant Temperament
Enjoying the charms of the river has never been closer, because there is an elite restaurant called Temperament open one step away from you, which offers its guests more pleasure than everyone else. Located in the famous Belgrade Concrete Hall, this restaurant is a true oasis of peace and tranquility just a few meters from the beautiful river.

With its exceptional ambience, it quickly gathered the sympathy of all true hedonists and lovers of good food.

Restaurant Temperament deserves to be at the top of the Belgrade catering ladder for several reasons. The rich menu of this luxury restaurant exudes only the most beautiful tastes, and top professional chefs are there to make real small masterpieces every day. From the selection of food, through their preparation and at the end of the decoration, everything is at the top level. Each dish is prepared with special care, all with the intention that guests are really satisfied and enjoy all the senses. As befits a restaurant like this, here you have the opportunity to enjoy not only excellent food but also a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere and a view worth a thousand words.

Whether you decide to spend a pleasant afternoon or evening here in the company of friends, family or business partners, one thing is for sure … Temperament Restaurant will meet all your expectations.

Restaurant Toro Grill
The Toro Grill restaurant is a place to enjoy for all true lovers of good food. And when is the best time for a real culinary feast … Well, of course, after a long relaxing walk. If you also like this perfect combination, we have a great suggestion for you. The Toro Grill restaurant is located on the beautiful Zemun quay, where it offers its guests top international specialties, excellent service and an unreal view of one of the most beautiful European rivers, the Danube.

Whether you are looking for a restaurant that will provide you with a warm homely atmosphere or you want an intimate lunch for two, this is a restaurant that will meet all your criteria. In addition to relaxing lunches and dinners, you can enjoy professional service at Toro Grill, which is also great for business lunches. Everything in one place, from great specialties, to the superb atmosphere and views of the river … Everything in the Toro Grill restaurant is for a clean five.

Restaurant Sent Andrea
If you like restaurants that resemble small nice taverns on the seashore, then it is the right time to get acquainted with the beautiful restaurant named St. Andrea. Located on the famous Quay of Liberation in Zemun, with an enchanting view of the Danube, this restaurant gathers true lovers of fish and fish specialties.

With its elegant interior that abounds in many sea details, this fantastic restaurant captivates at first sight. When you add the most beautiful Mediterranean sounds to that look, you get a feeling that entices, the feeling that you have traveled the path of some warmer seas. The menu of this fantastic restaurant includes a large number of perfect fish specialties, and fresh salads based on olive oil simply entice you to a bite more.

If you are not sure which of the famous fish spices you should try, the friendly staff of the restaurant St. Andrea is at your disposal and is ready to answer all your requests at any time. What makes this restaurant really special is the fact that fresh fish is delivered to it every day, directly from the fishing nets of experienced Adriatic alas.

Miradouro restaurant
Many Belgrade restaurants boast great interiors and a fantastic atmosphere, but what sets the Miradouro restaurant apart from others is its perfect location and beautiful river views. Located on the Sava Promenade, this restaurant is a great place for all nature lovers who, after a long walk, enjoy sitting and enjoying coffee or delicious meals that this restaurant can offer to its guests.

The Miradouro restaurant is located between two bridges, Branko’s and Zeleznicki’s, and is known for its exceptional cuisine and unreal view of the Sava. Whether you decide to take a short break or relax with family, friends or business partners and enjoy great food, Miradouro Restaurant gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the senses on the spacious terrace. In it you can try the famous Serbian specialties, but also enjoy the Mediterranean spices. In addition to great food, this restaurant offers all lovers of quality drinks a rich wine list of over 70 different labels.

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