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Ada Ciganlija – Belgrade Sea

When summer is approaching and the temperatures are no longer mild, real summer heat gradually appears and the only thing everyone thinks about is how to cool down and refresh themselves. Air conditioners are often not very helpful when we are on the streets of the city, and ice cream and cold water can only alleviate the feeling of heat for a moment. It remains for us to avoid excessive exposure to the sun or to seek salvation in pools, rivers, lakes and the sea. The good news is that you don’t have to travel far to sunbathe and refresh yourself, because there is Ada Ciganlija or the popular “Belgrade Sea”.

Lake Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija, a river island on the Sava River, has been artificially turned into a peninsula. Interestingly, it comes from the Celtic words singa and lia – island and underwater land. The value of this area was also recognized by Branislav Nušić when, inspired by the beauties of the lake, he founded a satirical newspaper under the same name. The formation of the Sava Lake was completed in 1967, when it got a look similar to today’s.

Lake Ada Ciganlija is 4.2 kilometers long, 200 meters wide and between four and 6 meters deep. The entire ring around the lake consists of 7.7 kilometers of pebble beach, hiking and biking trails. Ada is much more than a lake and a swimming pool, it is a sports, recreational and cultural center. Around the lake there is a belt of natural greenery where there are various sports fields, parts for recreation, recreation and a part for children’s entertainment.

Ada Ciganlija or the Belgrade sea

The place has become a very popular, multifunctional recreational zone in Belgrade. Every year in the summer, Ada Ciganlija is visited by more than 100,000 people during the working day and up to 300,000 visitors on weekends. The beach around the lake is fully landscaped and equipped with all necessary infrastructure facilities. It is considered one of the most beautifully landscaped and largest beaches on artificial lakes in Europe. Every year, people from Belgrade gather on this beach, but many visitors come from the surrounding cities, even regional countries.

The water on the lake is clean and the part for bathers is completely provided. During the bathing season, trained lifeguards are on duty, who are vigilantly monitoring whether a swimmer needs any help. There are also ambulance services that are always on precaution for the safety of all visitors to Ada Ciganlija. One part of this beach is reserved for those of a freer spirit, who do not hesitate to swim on the nudist part of the beach. The trademark of Ada Ciganlija is a fountain, which is similar to the most famous fountain in Geneva. It is illuminated during the night and is one of the attractions of this lake.


Due to its arrangement, water quality, equipment of facilities and the length of the track, Lake Sava is very suitable for organizing and holding top sports competitions on calm waters. Several domestic and world championships were held on the lake, because it is suitable for swimming, rowing, water polo, kayaking, sailing, diving and many other sports.

In addition to water sports that are held on Ada, there are also land sports that can be played on over fifty outdoor sports fields, which are located on the territory of Ada Ciganlija. There are football, basketball, tennis, handball and many other courts. In addition to these standard sports, there is a golf course, a baseball field, field hockey and rugby.


For fans of extreme sports, an artificial rock is at your disposal, as well as a paintball and a laser tag. For adrenaline addicts, there is also a bungee jump on Ada Ciganlija. If you have the desire and courage, the bungee jump is located at the Round Bath. This is one of the most beautiful, but also the highest bungee jumping centers in the world. The height of the crane, which is above the water, is 55 meters. All jumps are performed under the supervision of a trained team and experts with world-renowned certificates.

Adventure park is very popular among different ages. It is a polygon with imaginative obstacles placed on trees – suspension bridges, beams, climbers. On the Ski Simulator, you can satisfy your desire to ski and snowboard, and you can also pay for skiing or snowboarding lessons, renew your skills or learn from scratch. Improvised slopes and paths are adapted even for the youngest, for whom the baby path is intended.

The fun doesn’t end there! The artificial rock, 15 meters high, is intended for sport climbing and has as many as 15 climbing trails. Although climbing is one of the extreme sports, injuries are rare, and all users are accompanied by professional staff. Aqua ski is certainly one of the biggest attractions on Ada Ciganlija. The water ski lift is located at the very end of the lake and the employees claim that it is a real challenge for the muscles and the body. The last in a series of extreme sports on the lake is diving or scuba diving within the diving center SDT “World of Diving” with the most modern and safest diving equipment.


Recreation lovers enjoy long walks on the trail around Sava Lake. For them, there are a few more great ways to have fun and make good use of their time. The trim trail and trim park are located in the part with ash forest, the outdoor gym is equipped with 24 exercise rooms, and the trail is 1 kilometer long. During the summer, part of Ada is reserved for the Yoga Park where visitors can try out free yoga classes. The mini golf course is set up relatively recently and is arranged according to world standards. If you haven’t had a chance to try something like this before, mini golf can be fun for the whole family and friends. The Center for Persons with Disabilities has found its place in Ada Ciganlija. Within the Center, there are sports fields and equipment for various sports activities adapted to people with disabilities.


All visitors to Ada Ciganlija have at their disposal shops, souvenir stands, carriages with horses, a tourist car that goes around the whole lake, pedal boats and canoes for riding on the lake, as well as an eco boat that runs on electricity. The tourist car has 18 stops arranged along the walking path and is a truly unique way to visit the Sava Lake.

It is known that Ada Ciganlija is a favorite place for a picnic for many. For that purpose, special places have been determined where it is allowed to light a fire and they are equipped with wall grills, a fountain, wooden tables and benches for sitting. Have you tried windsurfing ?! If you haven’t, now you know a place where you can try something like that and master basic movements in just 30 minutes of learning. Pedal boats are not the only interesting attraction on the lake, because rubber kayaks can be rented for recreational driving and enjoying the Sava Lake. A very unusual, but very popular attraction are water bikes – cycling has never been like that.

We have briefly presented everything you need to know about Ada Ciganlija. If you want to relax, cool down and tan in the summer, Ada Ciganlija is the right choice for that.


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