Despite the corona virus, Belgrade is the second best tourist destination!

At the recent competition for “Best in Tourism” organized by the famous brand Uzakrota, Belgrade was in second place in the category for the best tourist destination.
The Turkish city of Izmir received the most votes in this category, while New York is in third place, after Belgrade.

The fact that Belgrade, according to the choice of those who voted on the portal “Uzakrota” in the category of the world’s leading cities – tourist destinations in second place, just behind Izmir in Turkey, but ahead of New York, shows that in our region, or even wider, Europe, Belgrade has a great reputation and importance as one of the leaders for the so-called short city vacation.

Belgrade and Serbia have shown that in times of global crisis caused by the pandemic, the seriousness and readiness to respect measures to prevent the infection, but also the current process of immunization of the population, instill confidence in potential guests from Belgrade and Serbia.

Of course, promotional activities have led to the fact that enough is known about it, but also to present Belgrade as a dynamic and attractive city with attractions, facilities and ambient units that it can offer even in the time of the crown!
We sincerely hope that all of you who have longed for travel will soon be able to visit Belgrade and enjoy all its attractions.

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