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There is a lot that will delight, fascinate and conquer you for all time, if you decide to visit Belgrade. The Serbian capital is ideal for creating the most beautiful moments that you will remember for the rest of your life. The first thing that will delight you are our people, and then the architecture of the city, beautifully landscaped parks, and in the winter even more beautiful New Year’s street lighting. Our buildings, which date from the time when Belgrade was under siege by many other rulers, make this city a true multicultural heritage.

In addition to all that, Belgrade is a city where all cultures and differences are respected. A large number of foreigners live and study here, who have chosen our capital for several reasons. You will hear many stories and interesting things about it, and every tourist will feel love for Belgrade at first sight. There is a lot that you have to do – trying food and drinks, and then touring clubs or bars. If you do not have a guide for everything you should not miss when you are in Belgrade, here is our site, which will help you in everything.

Three specialties you must try

Food is convincingly one of the main features of the place where you are. Everyone who comes to Belgrade should try something from our national cuisine, because local food and drinks are something that our residents are most proud of and you do not want to refuse something that you will undoubtedly enjoy with all your senses.

  • The first specialty we suggest is definitely baking under the sac. A favorite dish of our people that everyone would recommend to you, and you can try it in Ethno Restaurant Zlatar. The best way to get closer to our culture is precisely this place where you will feel the combination of local cuisine and the interior of former Serbian homes. Here, of course, you can try many dishes of our national cuisine, and the restaurant is located at Preradovićeva 9a in Palilula.
  • You can experience another specialty of local cuisine in the phenomenal atmosphere of the Carp restaurant. Here you will try some of the most beautifully prepared fish specialties, and you will also enjoy the atmosphere that the restaurant provides, with a beautiful view of the Danube River. Every evening you can enjoy the sounds of our tambourine, which is another attraction for all foreign tourists. When you want fish specialties, this is the right place for you, and it is located at Kej Oslobođenja 53 in Zemun.
  • The third specialty is our grilled dishes. In addition to having such restaurants at every turn, we recommend only the best. So you will try selected grilled dishes in the restaurant that offers much more, and that is the restaurant Konoba Akustik. Here you will experience a real experience of sweetness and gourmet pleasure: the best hangers, burgers, steaks and everything you could wish for will be served in this restaurant, and in addition, you will enjoy the sounds of Serbian music. The restaurant is located in the city center at 13 Cara Dušana Street.

Three drinks you have to taste

After a meal, it is usually the turn of the drink. As Serbia is a country with a large number of cafes, bars and cafes, you can always choose one of these places to freshen up, if you want to change the ambience a bit and visit another place in Belgrade. To make your choice easier, we recommend three drinks that you must drink while you are in our country, but also three places where you will enjoy these drinks.

  • The first drink is homemade coffee. Today, there are so many types of coffee, various espresso and instant drinks, iced and hot coffee, that you can’t even list them yourself. If you have never tried homemade coffee, it is as if you have never been to Serbia. This is a drink that everyone will offer you first when you visit them.
  • Another drink you must try is. of course, brandy. A famous Serbian brand when it comes to alcoholic beverages, about which many songs were sung and which created by far the most incredible stories. There are several types of brandy made from different fruits, and you can try them all at the Rakia bar.
  • The third drink is definitely beer. Every tourist likes to try home-brewed beers in the city in which it is located, considering that beer is a universal drink, and yet different in every city.

Three things you have to do

While you are in Belgrade, here are five things you must do:

  • Sava or Zemun quay. Walking along the river is always relaxing and beautiful for all nature lovers, but these two quays carry a special energy that you must feel. Although the Zemun quay is longer, the Sava quay is equally beautiful and pleasant for a walk by the river.
  • Knez Mihailova and Kalemegdan. We believe that you will not skip this, but certainly Knez Mihailova Street and the beautiful Kalemegdan Park are the landmarks of this city. Knez Mihailova Street is full of many interesting things, street artists, performers and traders, so we are sure that you will enjoy passing this street. Kalemegdan is by far the most beautiful and largest park in Belgrade with a rich cultural history.
  • City nightlife. If you are in Belgrade, and you have not visited a city club, raft or cafe, you have missed a lot. You will have fun like never before in your life, because Belgrade never sleeps and every outing is a special story and something to remember. You don’t even have to wait for the weekend, because Belgrade offers parties every night of the week.

We hope that the situation with the corona virus will calm down and that you will soon have the opportunity to visit our country, but also to enjoy all the charms of our capital. Until then, we read to each other every day.

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