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BELGRADE IS THE WORLD: Bocelli and Mariza at the first “Belgrade River Fest” festival!

Serbia already has experience with the expectations of “digital nomads”. Providing a good connection with many European centers, fast internet, a rich social life and adventures in nature, Belgrade has reached the seventh place of cities for living and working, according to the rating of tourist nomads.

Since they stay on “working vacation” for several weeks, they need additional facilities. Localities that they will get to know, visit, paths that they can walk on, ride a bike on. What Belgrade does not have, there are cities and places nearby with which the capital is well connected.

A longer stay in Belgrade offers you a tour of the most important sites such as the Temple of Saint Sava, the monument to Stefan Nemanja, an introduction to the centuries-old history of Belgrade, a walk along Kalemegdan, a visit to Gardoš, or a tour of galleries and museums that bear witness to its tradition, culture and the interests of the people of Belgrade.

You can spend your break from working hours at Avala, Košutnjak, the promenade or the swimming pool at Ada Ciganlija.

Day, evening or night on the river is an experience not to be missed by guests of Belgrade. The Danube and Sava quays, Belgrade on the water or the confluence of the Sava and the Danube are places where you can certainly recharge your energy.

And today and tomorrow you can enjoy another manifestation of the city of Belgrade, the Belgrade River Fest. During today and tomorrow, Belgrade will stand side by side with Paris, Rome and London, where exclusive festivals of a similar type are held once a year.

The first “Belgrade River Fest” will be held on July 22 and 23 on the plateau of the Geozavod, on the banks of the Sava River, in an exclusive open-air hall built especially for this occasion.

Today’s most famous tenor Andrea Bocelli and fado diva Mariza will perform on a 400-square-meter stage, and 3,500 people will have the opportunity to see and hear them, as many as can accommodate this exclusive space.

If you are in Belgrade, we recommend that you definitely visit this event!

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