Visit Belgrade and experience an explosion of taste!

The centuries-old influence of Belgrade’s diverse cultures has shaped a unique blend of culinary cosmopolitanism and local tradition. In this diversity, the capital of Serbia has developed its own unique tastes, habits and rituals that adorn its gastronomic palette. The rich gastronomic offer will inspire you to try something new every time.

The national cuisine and the bohemian spirit of the city are kept from oblivion by the cafes in Skadarlija, a tucked-away old Belgrade street paved with cobblestones. This street used to be the center of city life, where many important Belgraders sevdalized and thundered until the morning. Today, by walking down this street, as a kind of time machine, you can return to that bohemian era.

The culinary story of Belgrade is enriched by the Zemun and New Belgrade quays – enchanting promenades with a centuries-old Alaskan tradition have given rise to fish specialties that make it worth visiting restaurants on the banks of the blue Danube.

And when you want something sweet, order Moskva šnit, an original Belgrade cake that was created in the famous Hotel Moskva, but today it can be tried in almost all restaurants in the capital.
In everyday Belgrade rituals, the ritual of drinking coffee is also unavoidable. Wherever you go, at any time of the day, you will come across full bars. And in good weather, you can stop by one of the many gardens and drink coffee outdoors while watching the bustling city life around you. In Belgrade, coffee is drunk for a good morning, after lunch, with friends and business partners… From the unique texture of traditional home-made coffee, to coffee drinks from around the world – this hot beverage is here to round off your every day.

In addition to the ritual of drinking coffee, it is almost mandatory to enjoy wine and brandy that you can try at every turn. Belgrade is one of the few capitals in the world that has its own vineyards, so here you can consume real “capital wines” from grapes from the banks of the Danube and from the slopes of Kosmaj and Avala. visitors to the capital buy both for “their soul” and as a gift for their friends.

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