Belgrade is coming back to life: A new tourist season has opened in Skadarlija

A new tourist season opened in Skadarlija on Saturday, the 52nd in a row. Its opening means that Belgrade is returning to normal life. At the opening, he reminded that since 1969, when this Belgrade street was reconstructed, the Skadarlija season opens every year in May.

Its opening is especially important because the period of the pandemic is behind us, when we were in a state of emergency and when there was no work and restaurants were closed, so its opening means that Belgrade is finally returning to its old habits and eagerly awaiting tourists. Besides the Temple of Saint Sava and the Belgrade Fortress, Skadarlija is one of the most visited places when it comes to foreign tourists.

Our famous actors Milan Milosavljević, Vjera Mujović and others participated in the program of the opening of the new season in Skadarlija, and Vesna Dimić sang songs about Belgrade. The flag of Skadarlija was raised by the actor Stevan Piale, and along with the Skadarlija orchestras, members of the Art Center “Talija” also took part in the program. On that occasion, an eco bazaar was organized along Skadarska Street, where visitors could be supplied with natural and handicraft products

In a few months, the municipality of Stari grad worked intensively on mass immunization with the local health center, and we achieved the result that almost 70 percent of fellow citizens over the age of 18 received the first dose, and over 90 percent over the age of 65 were also vaccinated. This shows that we are coming back to life and I appeal to everyone to start vaccination in order to return to the state before the pandemic as soon as possible – said the mayor of Stari grad on that occasion.

We can’t wait for you, dear tourists! This summer will be unforgettable!

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