A photo of grandma and grandpa from Belgrade softened Instagram users – love is all around us!

The photo of the grandparents waiting for transportation at the bus stop near the Sava Center, in Belgrade, and holding hands caused a lot of nice and warm comments on the social network Instagram.

What the users of this social network pointed out was how this scene brightened their day and restored hope in love.

“For a change, something beautiful,” “a sure hand to lead through a lifetime,” commented one Instagram user, “Definition of True Love,” added another. True love is a rarity for all times, but again something beautiful, concluded the people of Belgrade.

There were a series of comments, and then their daughter’s comment was among them.

“Mr. and Mrs. have been married for 55 years and have been holding hands since day one. They are my parents. And thank you to everyone who recognized all the values. Love, respect, tolerance. Thanks also to my friend who forwarded the post to me. Hello everyone. and I wish you much love in life, ”she wrote.

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