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Restaurants in Belgrade with live music during the corona

The great pandemic of the Corona virus has spread all over the world, and Serbia has not been spared either. Months of panic and fear of a new unknown disease are behind us.

However, people continue their lives with the hope that the moment will come again when we will not be afraid and when we will start living life to the fullest again.

To make it easier to overcome everything that is happening, Belgrade restaurants have brought performers, bands and orchestras back to their stages. Diverse repertoires and great entertainment are again a part of our everyday life.

With respect to safety measures, adjusted working hours and duration of the performance, the best Belgrade restaurants have reopened their doors to their guests.

Here is where you can relax if you decide to visit the Serbian capital now.

Raft Move

From the first day of its creation, the Move raft has shown that it can compete with famous Belgrade restaurants and rafts. The experienced catering team made the perfect combination, a combination of modern ambience and great live music. Everyone who loves a good time immediately listed the Move raft among their favorite bars in the city.

And during the corona, the friendly staff and fantastic musicians on the Move raft organize memorable evenings. Famous names can often be heard on the stage of this raft, but also those young singers, who are building their careers and trying to make every moment spent with them a real pleasure.

However, aware of the fact that the virus is present among us, as well as that the health of the guests is in the first place, the Move raft made sure that all protocols were followed and that everyone was safe. This is exactly the reason why new rules are now in force, which imply that places must be well planned.

It is only up to the guests to plan their arrival on time and to reserve their place.

Restaurant Komitet

If you like restaurants where pure hedonism reigns, then the Komitet restaurant is the right place for you. Wanting to create the best possible atmosphere for his guests, he brought the most famous local performers to his stage. Fans of good fun many times so far have had the opportunity to indulge in maximum enjoyment of the two greatest passions, a passion for music and great food.

On the rich menu you will find specialties for everyone, and the friendly staff is there to satisfy your every request. Although the situation with the Covid 19 virus is very complicated, all the necessary measures have been taken in the Komitet restaurant to protect both guests and employees.

Restaurant Terminal

When you think of the ideal combination of perfect culinary specialties and great music, know that there are many places in Belgrade that can offer you that. One of the best is the Terminal restaurant.

Despite all the misfortunes that befell us all due to the corona virus, the experienced team of this restaurant has found a way to give its guests more pleasure. In addition to delicious specialties, the Terminal restaurant has returned live concerts to its stage, with which one can enjoy, sing and dance.

Foto: unsplash

Restaurant Ušće – Nacionalna Klasa

All passionate lovers of good time and delicious food were looking forward to the moment when life will return to normal and allow us to enjoy our favorite restaurants again.

The song is heard in it again, and it is often played in the heat of ecstasy and dance. If you also love merriment, you need to feel good again and indulge in a great atmosphere then this is the right place for you.

In addition to great live music, in the restaurant Ušće – Nacionalna klasa you will find an excellent culinary offer, among which the well-known old Serbian dishes stand out. This combination is hard to resist. Enjoy every bite while listening to great musicians and songs that are a real paradise for the soul.

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