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Dino park – an adventure for all ages!

Jura Adventure Dino Park is a children’s park where you can see different dinosaurs in life size. Of course, in addition to children, this park can also be enjoyed by older people who are interested in dinosaurs.

Contents of Dino Park

There are more than 35 life-size dinosaur replicas in the park, some of which are moving prehistoric reptiles that make sounds. Children can explore them, take photos with them, and learn something about them from the animators. Some of the activities children can do are:

  • Research and unearth fossil remains using a special tool – let your children become paleontologists;
  • Dinosaur riding – allow your children to ride their favorite dinosaur for a while;
  • Painting in the jaws of a T-rex – let your children awaken their imagination;
  • Walking dinosaurs on a leash – let dinosaurs become a pet for your children.

During the season, a large number of cultural, entertainment and educational events are organized, and there is also the possibility of organizing birthday parties with animators.

Opening hours and ticket prices
During the season, the park is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
The ticket price for children under 15 is 250 dinars, and for adults it is 350 dinars.
How to get to Dino Park?
Dino Park is located on Kalemegdan, near the Stambol Gate and the KK Partizan field. You can reach the Kalemegdan Fortress:
Trams 2, 5 and 10;
Buses 16, 31, 58, E2 and E6;
by trolleybus 41;
By taxi – we recommend Pink Taxi 19803, Belgrade Taxi 19801 and Naxis Taxi 19804.

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