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The famous Belgrade settlement – Senjak

Large and spacious houses, luxury apartments and villas, beautiful surroundings, lots of greenery and good connections with almost all other parts of the city, are just some of the many advantages of this elite settlement. This guarded and increasingly popular settlement has become home to many prominent and famous people and belongs to the municipality of Savski Venac.

Like Dedinje, Senjak belongs to the more elite and richer settlements of Belgrade, which are constantly evolving and as such, it is an ideal place for a perfect and peaceful family life.

Senjak Restaurants


Tucked away in a quiet and green oasis of Senjak, there is one of the best restaurants in the capital, whose popularity is constantly growing. The service is of top quality and all guests are always satisfied. The menu and drinks menu are varied and there is always something for everyone’s taste. This restaurant is also ideal for large weddings and celebrations. In addition to tofu, within this popular restaurant there is also a playroom for the youngest, so that the little ones are animated in the right way.

Restaurant 27
This famous restaurant is located in a quiet and beautiful area of ​​Senjak, in Istarska street number 27. The space is bright and the surroundings are full of greenery. The restaurant also has a summer garden, which is ideal for romantic and family gatherings. In addition, the restaurant offers special benefits for larger celebrations and business arrangements.

Belgrade is a city that breathes, develops and captivates every day with its beauty and uniqueness. At the same time, Belgrade is a combination of old and new, modern and traditional, original and conventional.

It is a city that has been an eternal inspiration to many famous writers and who have always gladly mentioned it in their works. For all these reasons, we are sure that a visit to this capital will be an unforgettable experience worth mentioning.

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