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The most attractive parts of Belgrade – Dorcol

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Dorcol is divided into upper and lower Dorcol, and its borders are located between Kalemegdan Park. Although many residents of Dorcol claim that Dorcol is considered only the lower Dorcol, which is located between Cara Dusana Street and the river in the north, together with the upper Dorcol, this municipality really contains the most beautiful places in the city. Kalemegdan is definitely one of the famous landmarks of the Dorcol settlement and certainly the most beautiful park in Belgrade. The name Dorćola itself represents the intersection of four streets – the intersection of Cara Dušana and Kralja Petra streets, and comes from the Turkish language. Until the second half of the nineteenth century, all the most important houses were located right on Dorcol.

A settlement with an interesting history

It is no coincidence that Dorcol is one of the central places in Belgrade, because history tells us that it was the same in Roman times. It is believed that the Romans built an entire settlement on the territory of today’s Dorćol below the fortification, today’s Kalemegdan. Dorcol has a significant historical importance, because he welcomed and accompanied every government and migration of the people in Belgrade. Thus, during the Ottoman rule, Dorcol was part of the main trade zone of the then Belgrade. Also, one part of Dorcol is one of the first settlements in Belgrade, as a place where members of the richer Turkish class built houses with large gardens. The inhabitants of Dorćol during the Ottoman rule were also Jews, who had their own Jewish neighborhood in the area of ​​today’s Cara Dušana Street.

Many buildings suffered great damage during the wars, so at the end of the Second World War, the first buildings began to be built on Dorćol. The area along the Danube River was used to accommodate vessels, and in the last years of the 20th century, a large sports center was built. Today’s appearance of Dorcol is almost impossible to compare with the appearance before the First World War.

What is a modern settlement like in Dorcol?

Today, Dorcol is a place that is considered the most attractive and most desirable location for living, but also for tourists. The locals realized a long time ago how much Dorcol is in demand, so there are more and more apartments for rent as an apartment per day. Belgrade really offers a lot of them in all locations, but there is definitely a large concentration right here in modern residential buildings. Dorcol is attractive to tourists also because there is a huge number of luxury villas, but also popular clubs and cafes. The promenade by the river Danube is certainly one of the most beautiful promenades in Belgrade, and it is located on Dorcol itself. There is also the famous Student Square, a place where young people and students usually gather, playing guitars and singing until late at night. The only peculiarity about this park is that its gates are locked at midnight every day and gatherings are not allowed at that time.

What can be visited in Dorcol?

The Belgrade Philharmonic, the National Theater and the National Museum are also located on the territory of the Dorcol settlement. This part of the city has always been considered one of the most elite and popular, and its location ranks high when it comes to the demand for accommodation or the sale of real estate. Dorcol is synonymous with glamorous nightlife, and its Strahinjića Bana Street is just full of places you have always wanted to visit. Known for having a good time, the most exclusive cafes and celebrities who often stay in it. And whether Dorcol is known for Strahinjica Bana Street or Strahinjic Bana Street is known for Dorcol, it is up to you to judge. What is definite is that you cannot separate these two concepts because they are an association with each other whenever one is talked about.

Every open bar in this street tries to stand out in an authentic way and chooses for its place in the sea of ​​dangerously good competition. Every cafe and every club strives to bring it to the forefront and attract a large number of visitors. Precisely because of the great competition, the owners of the bars come up with as many ways as possible to make their originality stand out and ensure good attendance. In addition to a large number of cafes and clubs, there are many institutions in Dorcol that attract tourists. The Parobrod cultural institution, as well as the Vukov, Dositej and Ethnographic Museum were built on the territory of Dorcol and are visited by thousands of people every year, and the most valuable museum exhibits are exhibited here. The famous pool of SRC Milan Gale Muškatirović, which, the people of Dorćol, but also a large number of Belgraders still call May 25, is located here.

A place where city birds live

The largest number of city birds really live on Dorćol. As Dorcol is surrounded by green canopies, the inhabitants of this settlement are pigeons, swallows, sparrows, kestrel and black red-tailed deer. Among the canopies can be found the nests of gray crows, magpies, doves and pigeons.

Water birds, inhabitants of the Great War Island, can be found on the Danube quay. It is usually a village swallow, which likes to nest on boats on the Quay. The river attracts a large number of birds, which can be seen during the winter. Among the winter birds that visit Dorcol are the river gull, black coot and wild mallard duck. It is a real rarity to see some of the endangered species, such as the little crow or the white-tailed eagle.

Remember, if the road takes you to Belgrade soon, Dorcol is an unavoidable part of the capital of Serbia that you must visit!

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