Chinese New Year celebration in the center of Belgrade!

Exactly at 5 pm Belgrade time, and at midnight Beijing time, with spectacular fireworks and lighting of light installations on the Sava Promenade in front of the Gallery in Belgrade Waterfront, the Chinese New Year was welcomed and the Festival of Light was opened.

This year, traditional light magic illuminated Novi Sad and Belgrade as part of the Chinese Festival of Light, and lanterns and installations designed by a group of artists from Sichuan Province were lit in these two cities, bringing the spirit of tradition and symbolism of ancient China.

The initiator and founder of the festival, artist Slobodan Trkulja, invited all citizens as well as tourists to visit the event until February 13.

-The New Year of the Chinese is marked by turning on the lights, bringing the light into life that I wish for all of us. This year is the year of the tiger, the year of strength for the Chinese brothers. Limanski Park in Novi Sad shines like never before with two Chinese dragons, an animal kingdom, magical deer, magical fish and many other attractive light installations. By welcoming the Chinese New Year, we are contributing to even greater rapprochement between the peoples of Serbia and China, which are bound by traditional friendship and extremely close relations. I am glad that the tradition continues and that more and more people are attracted by this colorful setting that reminds of the world of Chinese fairy tales. “The Chinese Festival of Light” will once again be a real opportunity to take a walk with family and dear friends and visit the world of creative play of light in a safe and secure way – said Trkulja.

The lanterns will be on every day from 5 pm.

If you are currently visiting our capital, here is an opportunity to enjoy another event organized by our city. We hope you enjoy it.

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