When you visit Belgrade this is a must do!

What are the 19 things you must do when you visit Belgrade? Because you haven’t been to the capital if you haven’t tried all this at least once in your life. Here are some suggestions that are recognizable and impressive.

Meet someone at Trg Republike
A favorite meeting place for the people of Belgrade, near Konj, i.e. near the monument to Prince Mihailo Obrenović. Another famous meeting place is Zeleni Venac, a famous bus stop that comes from all parts of the city.

Walk along Knez Mihailova street
A walk along Belgrade’s main boulevard is a must when you come to the city. Popcorn must be taken in Pećina.

Try Moscow schnitt
A typical Belgrade delicacy, but there is only one original, and that’s right in the famous Hotel Moskva. When you’re already on Terazije, you can also exchange thumbnails, because whether you’re young or old, all fans of collecting albums and thumbnails meet right here to exchange duplicates.

Enjoy the sunset from the Kalemegdan fortress
Take a coffee or a drink to take away, maybe some snacks or ice cream and head towards the wall on Kalemegdan where you have the most beautiful view of Belgrade with the most beautiful sunsets. I also suggest walking around Kalemegdan, taking photos at Pobednik, visiting the Zoo and driving the panorama. And finally go down to the river via the new maze or the old stairs.

Spend the afternoon on the quay
You have a lot of choices for this: the quay near Ušće, the Oslobođenja quay, the Zemun quay, the Sava quay, the Danube quay at Dorćol, the Sava Promenade, etc. Stroll along the river and have a drink on one of the rafts located on these quays.

Rest on benches in one of the parks
Tašmajdan, Topčider, Kalemegdan, Šumice, Zvezdara, Zemunski Park… There are many possibilities, it’s up to you to choose.

Climb Gardoš
Where you will enjoy the surroundings and the view, and on the Gardoš Plateau there is also the Millennium Tower, which offers the most beautiful view of the Danube, Zemun and New Belgrade.

Rest in an oasis in the city center
Visit the Jevremovac Botanical Garden and its phenomenal Japanese garden, take good photos and enjoy the shade while the asphalt melts around you and cars buzz by.

Ride a boat
Cruising on the Sava and Danube is a real atmosphere with perfect views of the old town. Experience a different Belgrade from the rivers.

Visit to museums and theaters
My recommendation is the Nikola Tesla Museum, the National Museum, the Museum of Yugoslav History, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Aviation Museum and the Museum of Illusions. As for theaters, Narodno, BDP, JDP, Atelje 212, theaters on Terazije and Savija. You can also read more in the text Guide to Belgrade

Visit some of the famous Orthodox churches in the city
The Cathedral Church in the city center, the Church of St. Mark in Tašmajdan, the Church of St. Sava in Vračar, the Church of Ružica in Kalemegdan…

See Belgrade Sea
On Ada Ciganlija, if the weather permits, you can organize a sports day and enjoy sports such as football, basketball, volleyball. You can also opt for some adrenaline-pumping activities such as water skiing, rock climbing, bungee jumping, and the like. After all, you can just sunbathe and swim, make a barbecue, take a walk, ride a bicycle or rollerblades, and more.

Make a picnic on Kosutnjak
Take a basket, make sandwiches and your favorite drink and head towards Kosutnjak. Enjoy the fact that you are in nature and yet in the city.

Organize a trip to Avala and Kosmaj
The famous mountains of Belgrade are not far from the city. A one-day trip will be enough to reset and recharge your batteries in nature, with visits to the famous monuments of the Unknown Hero and the Partisans.

Looking for a place in the cafe gardens
Belgrade, coffee shops on Obilićevo, Dorćol, and Vračar are always crowded. You will always be looking, but at least once, you still have to find a place.

Try brandy

A traditional Serbian drink that you can try in a cafe, pub, club, but best to go to a Rakia bar.

Eat in a Serbian pub
They are all over town, mostly as soon as you see the checkered tablecloths, it must be good food. You can also visit restaurants of national cuisine, and for suggestions see the text Guide to Belgrade.

Listen to tambourines in Skadarlija
Traditional Serbian old town music can be heard in the bohemian quarter of Skadarlija, where the most famous taverns are.

Experience Belgrade at night
go out in the evening and visit the rafts on the quays, and in the city the Savamala district or Cetinjska Street. These are the places with the most clubs and bars in the city. For a full atmosphere after going crazy, stop by for pizza at Buck’s, Shish kebab, or burek at Trpko’s. Complete a perfect breakfast with a sunrise on the river.

Did you do at least one or even all 19 things when you visited Belgrade? Is there anything else interesting that you did in Belgrade?

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