Spring in Belgrade – use every moment!

After a long and sometimes very harsh winter, the season in which Belgrade shines in its full glory is finally approaching again – spring!
Our city is big, spacious and picturesque. To some it is beautiful, to some it is strange. Many will praise it, while others will say that it is difficult to cope with. And everyone is right. People come to Belgrade, some stay, and some leave. Most of them were born there, but their parents also came from somewhere. In the end, the city is full of diversity. Different people, cultures, habits, expectations … All this characterizes most big cities and world capitals.

One thing that most Belgraders will agree on is that Belgrade is somehow the most beautiful in the spring. As soon as the first sun rises and the first heat of the sun’s rays is felt on the skin, the people of Belgrade rush to well-tested places, where they enjoy the first days of spring. They immediately take off their jackets, thick sweaters and boots and change into a light spring wardrobe, colored with life and a new beginning. And then they are especially grateful for what this city has to offer. Then they feel a special peace, satisfaction and fulfillment with life.

In these first days of spring, and especially during the weekend, everyone moves to well-known places and with their loved ones, family, or partner, some with a dog, or in a solo version enjoy nature, culture, gastronomy. Ada Ciganlija, as one of the favorite promenades, is ready to welcome guests. Cafes and restaurants are open, bicycles, rollerblades and other equipment for rent are on display, and various sports fields from volleyball and basketball to tennis and golf are refreshed and ready for new pleasures and epic sports fights.

Guests of Belgrade often go to Kalemegdan, an unavoidable place where your host will take you. Fortress, monuments, church, landscaped park, lookout, as well as the place where two large rivers meet. In a word, Kalemegdan is a lot of things and must be seen and visited at least occasionally. Admirers of religion will visit the Temple of Saint Sava, walk through Karadjordj Park and Vracar. The promenade on Ušće that leads you to Zemun and the Zemun quay is a place of relaxation and meditation for many. Recently, swans have returned to the Zemun quay, which gives a special charm to this place. For those who prefer the forest and the height, there is of course Kosutnjak. Green, spacious, beautifully landscaped forest park for athletes, walkers and everyone who loves nature.

Some will use the nice weather to tour the palace complex on Dedinje, while some will go to the Museum of Contemporary Art, or the National Museum. Many Belgraders will just tour and revisit their favorite and most beautiful city streets, such as Skadarlija, the famous bohemian district, or intriguing and interesting parts of the city such as Dorcol, or Savamala.

Various events in the city that characterize every spring will soon begin, such as the Days of Belgrade in April, and then the famous Museum Night in May, which many Belgraders are really looking forward to. In any case, for those who live in this city, as well as for those who come to visit it, the opportunity to enjoy is great, and spring is the right time for that because the joy of the city comes both outside and inside.

Whether you are a tourist or a resident of this city, enjoy spring in Belgrade.

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