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A short guide to parking in Belgrade

When it comes to parking, Belgrade can be very chaotic and incomprehensible, and during the night, if you do not know the rules, there can be confusion when parking, or when choosing the ideal parking lot in Belgrade while going out. In order to alleviate the torment that bothers you a lot when it comes to Belgrade at night, we have decided to thoroughly and thoroughly guide you through the rules according to which Belgrade parking works in the evening, when you plan to go out. After this text, you will have no doubts and you will know where you can find parking in Belgrade in relation to where you decided to go out that evening.

The main place where the famous nightlife of Belgrade takes place is definitely rafts in summer, while in winter the most popular clubs are located in Sava Mali, Beton Hall and in the city center. Belgrade is known for its large offer of places with a diverse offer of nightlife, and these bars are located throughout the city, so we will not neglect any part of the city known for its bustling nightlife, whether it is the summer or winter season. Here is how parking in Belgrade works and how you can cope if you need parking in Belgrade at night.

Parking Belgrade at night – where you can park everything
First of all, it is worth mentioning all the possibilities when it comes to parking in Belgrade during the evening. When it comes to public parking in Belgrade, the options are: parking spaces, parking lots and garages.

Parking Belgrade zone
When it comes to public parking spaces in Belgrade, the capital is zoned, and each zone has its own rules when it comes to paying for parking. The narrower and wider city center are divided into 4 zones:

  • Zone A – “Purple Zone” – limited parking time of 30 minutes – 100 dinars.
  • Zone 1 – “Red Zone” – limited parking time of 60 minutes – 56 dinars.
  • Zone 2 – “Yellow Zone” – limited parking time of 120 minutes – 48 dinars. (1h).
  • Zone 3 – “Green Zone” – limited parking time of 180 minutes – 41 dinars. (1h)

You will see information about the zone on the traffic signs that are located near the place where you park. You will immediately recognize the zone in which you parked by the color of the sign, and you will be able to read detailed instructions on paying for parking in the zone.

Free parking Belgrade – at night parking in the zone is free
The good news for night birds is that parking in Belgrade is not charged on weekdays from 9 pm to 8 am, and on Saturdays it is paid in the period from 8 am to 2 pm, while on Sundays parking is completely free.

This means that if you go out on weekdays after 9 pm, on Saturdays after 2 pm, and on Sundays at any time – you will not have to pay for parking, so practically free parking in Belgrade at night is what the capital can boast of.

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Parking lots and public garages Belgrade
Parking lots and garages are paid by the hour, day, or month, and their prices are very similar to each other. Parking lots and public garages in Belgrade are distributed throughout the city, so wherever you go during the evening, you will surely find a garage or parking lot that is nearby.

Garage parking in the city center
What makes parking easier in the center of Belgrade the easiest, especially at night, are the garages in Belgrade! In the city center there are 3 public garages: Zeleni venac, Obilićev venac garage, Pionirski park. Choose the one that is closest to the place you are going to, and find out all the information about using a public garage in the city center below.

Garage Zeleni venac
The Green Wreath garage, logically, is located on the Zeleni venac. More precisely, at the address Kraljice Natalije 13. Zeleni venac garage has 302 parking spaces, of which 1 is reserved for vehicles for the disabled, and 2 for parking spaces for pregnant women. Parking is open 00-24, every day of the year. At the entrance to the parking lot there is a illuminated sign showing the number of free spaces, and the garage also has an elevator.

Prices of parking in the garage Zeleni venac:

  • For each started hour – 100.00
  • Daily one-time parking – 1500.00
  • Monthly subscription 00-24 hours – 16000.00

Payment for parking is made upon leaving the parking lot, and this applies to every garage and parking lot in Belgrade.

Garage Obilićev venac
Public garage Obilićev venac is located in the street of the same name, which houses many bars where you can experience the magic of nightlife in Belgrade, and near the cafes – there is also this public garage.

Garage Obilićev venac has as many as 804 parking spaces, of which about 40 are reserved for the disabled, pregnant women and electric vehicles. The exact address of the garage Obilićev venac is Obilićev venac 14-16, and the entrance to the garage is from Ulica maršala Birjuzova. And this garage works 00-24, all days of the year.

Here are the parking prices waiting for you in the garage Obilićev venac:

  • For each started hour – 120.00
  • Daily one-time parking – 1500.00
  • Monthly subscription 00-24 hours – 17000.00

Garage Pionirski park
At the Pionirski park, across from the National Assembly, near Terazije, there is another garage in the city center that you can use to park your car in Belgrade at night. The exact address of the garage near Pionirski Park is Dragoslava Jovanovića 2.

The number of available parking spaces in the Pioneer Park garage is 461, and 21 are intended for disabled vehicles. Like other garages and parking lots in Belgrade, which we have listed so far, this garage works 00-24, 365 days a year.

Prices of parking in the garage Pionirski park:

  • For each started hour – 100.00
  • Daily one-time parking – 1500.00
  • Monthly subscription 00-24 hours – 16000.00
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Parking in a public parking
During the day, as we have stated, the streets of the city are zoned, and parking is paid, but at night this is not the case. Crowds, ie lack of free spaces in parking lots in the center of Belgrade, is one of the main features of the capital, so arm yourself with patience when you drive to the center of the city.

There are many streets where parking in the center of Belgrade is possible, so we will not list them all by name, and when looking for a parking space, start from the place where the club you go to is located – you may get lucky and find parking near it.

Belgrade is world-famous as a first-class destination for night entertainment and top-notch entertainment! For many, having a good time also means consuming alcoholic beverages, and if you are one of them – don’t go by car!

A penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol, written by the police, taking away points, or being taken to a sobering-up station, is not the worst thing that can happen to you. The safety you endanger yourself and others in traffic is the one you need to take care of. If you still decide to go by car and drink alcohol during the evening – call a safe driver on the way back, who will reach you quickly, and then take you safely to the place you want to go.

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