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Charms of Serbian nature – you must see this! Mitrović

Given that summer is slowly approaching, we believe that the unfavorable situation caused by the corona virus will finally calm down and that we will be able to travel but also to receive guests to our beautiful country with open arms.

Our country is rich in lush nature, but today we pay attention to the lakes. Lakes can be even cleaner than the sea, so we recommend the most beautiful lakes in Serbia.

Lake Bor

It is located in eastern Serbia at the foot of the mountain Crni vrh and the paleovolcanic cone Tilva Njagra. In addition to crystal beauty, this artificial lake also has crystal clear water, and some parts are so clean that water can be drunk.

Vlasina Lake

The largest artificial lake surrounded by huge mountains and hidden coves. Lake Vlasina is located in the southeast, on the territory of the municipality of Surdulica. On the lake, in addition to swimming and fishing, you can sail and row.

Belocrkva lakes

In the southeast of Banat, there is the place Bela Crkva, which is full of transparent green lakes that have been delighting visitors for years. Belocrkva lakes consist of: Glavno, Vračevgajsko, Šaransko and Šljunkara lakes. The lakes were formed by digging gravel, which is why they have their own specific and attractive color.

Lake Bovan

It is located on Sokobanjska Moravica. It is very tidy and arranged for swimmers to feel like at sea. This lake is rich in fish such as catfish, perch, carp, silver carp and barbel. In addition to fishing, Lake Bovan is also suitable for sailing and rowing.

Djerdap Lake

Djerdap Lake is located in eastern Serbia, on the border with Romania. The beauty of this lake consists of the Djerdap gorge and the Djerdap National Park.

Lake Palić

It is located about 8 kilometers from Subotica near the town of Palic. This lake is known for its diverse species of fish and birds. Lake water and silt are rich in healing properties and this has been known since the end of the 18th century.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake is an artificial lake on the banks of the Danube in the eastern part of Serbia. It is suitable for family trips, you can cruise along the beautiful shores, have fun in the aqua park. Also, what you can visit are the archeological sites Lepenski vir and Viminacium, Ram and Golubac fortresses, monasteries Tuman and Nimnik.

Lake Gazivode

This lake is extremely rich in fish. Although the tourist potential is not very great, a lot of tourists come here because of various historical discoveries. It is interesting that last year a large number of researchers excelled in exploring the depth of this lake and what they found is considered a significant discovery, and they found several monuments and necropolises.

Lake Perućac

By blocking the river Drina, the famous lake Perućac was created. In addition to a variety of fish, the lake is rich in rafts that are docked along the shore and can be moved. The water is great in the middle of summer, in July and August, when you can come to refresh yourself.

Zlatar Lake

In southwestern Serbia, in the valley of the river Uvac and between the mountains Zlatar and Zlatibor, there is Zlatarsko Lake or Lake Kokin Brod. This lake gives you such an amazing feeling as if you are on the most beautiful beach in the world.

As you have the opportunity to see, in addition to Belgrade and all its advantages, the rest of Serbia has a lot to offer you! We sincerely hope that you will be our guests this summer and that you will enjoy all the charms of Serbia!

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