City transport and water: Belgrade will soon introduce river lines of city traffic

With the introduction of river traffic, in addition to the benefits that passengers will have, the existing public transport system will be used more rationally, which will lead to the relief of traffic infrastructure, as well as to the reduction of pollution and noise levels in central urban areas.

The positive effects of the introduction of this type of traffic can be seen in the development of the transport sector, job creation, but also in the tourism sector by providing another tourist service that will give users the opportunity to experience Belgrade from the rivers.

The city of Belgrade has almost 200 kilometers of river banks, which is an excellent precondition for the development of river passenger transport. What is important to point out is that the key condition for the development of river regular passenger transport is its integration with the existing public passenger transport in Belgrade. This means that all terminals would have to have a connection with bus or tram transport with the possibility of transfer.

There is no city in Europe with such an approach to water as Belgrade has, without a developed river transport.

There is a possibility to connect remote parts of the city with the center in this way, such as Obrenovac, Zemun, Borca, New Belgrade blocks, Visnjica.

Like Budapest and Prague, Belgrade will get this type of transportation, and all its visitors will be able to enjoy all its charms!

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