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It is well known that other times often return to fashion, the old style of dressing becomes relevant again, music genres as well as art always go through a cycle. Many restaurants incorporate motifs from the 1930s, 1970s or 1990s into their interiors, in order to show their authenticity and beat the competition. A lot of it is not just about fashion, but also the way of life. A large number of people prefer something that will set them apart from the crowd and make their originality stand out. By emphasizing a certain style, a certain way of life is imposed, so nowadays we have a new type of society, better known as “hipster”. Thanks to this group of people who have expanded their ways of life to many others and thus set new trends, today everything that was once seen as obsolete, is coming back to use and at the big door.

Whether you are a supporter of the new trend or not, you cannot deny that it is sometimes good to go back to a time that was certainly more beautiful, and we believe healthier. Good caterers realized this potential for profit in time and decided to combine urban culture with ethno motives. Thus, the so-called ethno villages are very popular today, where you actually have certain parts of houses and yards that are arranged according to completely identical depictions of former Serbian households. Of course, such villages and houses have always existed, but nowadays this branch of ethno tourism has developed a lot and now these are one of the most current places to visit. When it comes to Serbia, a large number of catering facilities are modeled on old buildings or villages intended exclusively for such visits.

Today we will be based only on places in Belgrade that can provide you with a time travel experience of some Serbia. These can be complexes, restaurants, households and various other types of catering facilities. As for the catering facilities that are located near Belgrade, and they are of this type, we can say that they are one of the most visited. For a start, we present the Stremen Farm.

It is located only twenty kilometers from the city, only 30 minutes drive, in the village of Jakovo, near Surcin. The ideal way to escape from the city bustle and relax your mind and body in a beautiful natural environment. It covers an area of ​​5.5 hectares. Enough space for all the activities that this Farm offers. It consists of a recreation area, a park for children on the grass and a garden that is both indoors and outdoors. For lovers of horseback riding and equestrian sports, this farm also includes the Equestrian Club “Stremen”. So if you want to try your hand at this sport or better learn riding skills, the club is at your disposal. Numerous events are held at this place, all with the aim of good entertainment and providing a quality program to its guests. Everything in this place aims to preserve the authenticity and richness of our culture. There is also an ethno restaurant at your disposal, which offers only top-quality dishes of local cuisine.

The next place where we take you, at least in words that we hope will be the right signposts to the ideal place to visit, is the ethno household and restaurant “Zornić” house.

It is located in the village of Baćevac, only thirty kilometers from Belgrade near Barajevo. On one side there is a view of Kosmaj, and on the other, the Lipovac forest. A real vacation in the fresh air in a natural environment. This place is also valid for a real air spa, because it is surrounded by oak, cera and acacia trees. Peace and quiet, as well as an unusual and unforgettable experience that will make you come back here again. In addition to all of the above, a large number of old items are on display here that you will rarely have the opportunity to see.

You will also hear some interesting stories about them, their use and how people used to live in these parts. The kindness and generosity of the hosts will surely win your hearts and you will feel as if you have been a part of this family for a long time. Every guest is welcome to enjoy all the benefits of nature. Many manifestations are held here, a large number of them are of a humanitarian character. Within this household there is a camping area that has all the necessary facilities for your pleasant camping and staying in nature. The complex also contains a mini zoo which is the happiest news for the little ones who come here with their parents. The restaurant of traditional Serbian cuisine is also up to the task and will give you the opportunity to feel the best tastes of traditional dishes, prepared according to old recipes.

In Belgrade itself, there are many restaurants that emphasize ethno culture, as well as some of the city’s cafes, but the real, not more modern versions.

We warmly recommend that when you come to Serbia, visit one of these places, because it is really worth experiencing Serbia in the right way. It is not far away, and it promises you a great time and experience.

Feel the scent of freedom and nature, not because of the trend, but because of your personal satisfaction.

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