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The monument to Prince Mihailo was erected back in 1882, on St. Nicholas, on December 19.

It was placed on the then Theater Square, today’s Republic Square, and the monument and bust are the work of the Italian sculptor Enrique Pacio.

Many people attended the opening, but some citizens had objections, and one of them is that Prince Mihailo Obrenović was shown without a hat.

For the monument, the position of the horse and the position of the figure, the sculptor Paci as an example observed two equestrian monuments – Cosimo and Ferdinand Medici in Florence.

How Prince Mihailo Obrenović won the return of the Serbian cities of Belgrade, Smederevo, Kladovo, Užice and Šabac from the Ottomans through diplomacy. For that reason, Prince Mihailo is shown as a diplomat, and the names of these cities are on the pedestal of the monument.

Many do not know, but Prince Mihailo is actually pointing to the still unliberated Serbian regions.

From its unveiling until today, the monument to Prince Mihailo has remained the most popular Belgrade public monument.

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