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Is it strange to you that smoking is allowed at every step in Belgrade?
Okay, that’s not so weird, if a cigarette is allowed to be lit on the terrace of a restaurant or cafe, but what if smoking is allowed inside as well?

How much and does it bother you? We believe that you are not a very enthusiastic team, so we tried to compile a list of restaurants in Belgrade where smoking is prohibited. So let’s get started.

Sweet & Salty restaurant

One of the few real family restaurants, restaurant Sweet & Salty, welcomes its guests in the heart of New Belgrade. This place offers enjoyment in every bite, and guest satisfaction comes first. With its positive energy and excellent service, Sweet & Salty attracts a large number of true hedonists and true lovers of good food.

In the restaurant Sweet & Salty you have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious breakfast, meat and fish dishes, cooked meals, desserts … Bring your youngest members, because in addition to the most delicious sweet and savory snacks, there are two playrooms, indoor and outdoor. . And best of all, you won’t be suffocated by cigarette smoke!

Restaurant Franš

Restaurant Franš is one of the most eminent restaurants in Belgrade that will surely win all your senses. It is located in an ideal location on Autokomanda, so it is very accessible from all parts of the city.

Already in the parking lot, you will start to feel like a star because the friendly staff will help you park, hold the car door and then escort you to the entrance. Its exterior is very imposing, and the interior is even more beautiful.

The interior is a perfect combination of beauty and modern landscaping. Every detail that was seen in the perfectly matched colors and shapes was taken into account. The walls are adorned with paintings by numerous artists, and good lighting greatly contributes to the glamor and splendor of this restaurant.

The garden is beautiful and large, and can accommodate as many as 270 guests. It is full of greenery, interesting amphorae and fountains, so it is a real oasis for rest from the concrete that surrounds us.
What really sets it apart from other Belgrade restaurants is its large non-smoking hall.

City Garden Restaurant

Can you imagine perfection in its most refined form? Restaurant City Garden is just that … Located in the heart of the city, in a place that has many meetings and farewells, on the corner of Knez Mihailova and Kalemegdan. A new place on the gastronomic map of Belgrade, tucked away in the now well-known Rajić shopping center. If you want to get to know Belgrade in the best possible way, through a magnifying glass of the best food, wine and a phenomenal view, then the City Garden restaurant is a place that will surely pick up all your sympathies.

At any time of the year to visit it you will have the privilege to enjoy the panorama of the city and experience Belgrade in a whole new way. Warm summer days are great for enjoying the phenomenally landscaped garden, which wears a winter uniform in winter and gives you a unique view of the rain and snow-covered city. The Cathedral, Knez Mihailova Street, Kalemegdan, Ušće and the Clock Tower are just a breathtaking panoramic view. Yes, it will take your breath away, not cigarette smoke!

Restaurant Savanova

Savanova Restaurant welcomes its loyal visitors on the already well-known Sava Promenade. In addition to the fantastic view that stretches from the beautiful garden to the river, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic specialties that are in charge of top culinary masters. When you want to spend a pleasant afternoon or evening with your friends, family or business partners, come to the Savanova restaurant and see for yourself the quality and professionalism that is a trademark of this restaurant.

As soon as you step into it, you will damage the positive energy and homely atmosphere, which is important if you want to fully enjoy all your senses. If you decide for lunch or dinner, no matter what dish it is, be sure to have the opportunity to enjoy the whole symphony of tastes, because every food stored in the kitchen of Savanova restaurant passes the strictest control and is prepared according to the highest culinary standards.

Magellan restaurant

If you want to treat yourself to the most delicious snacks, but also to feel like you are on the most exclusive yacht, then it is time to visit the Magellan restaurant in New Belgrade.

Located in the Belville neighborhood, the Magellan restaurant presents a real atmosphere for all lovers of “slow food” (slow food) where the emphasis is on several smaller portions, more different flavors, combined with drinks, most often wine. This trend, created in response to fast food, represents a return to the roots, a relaxed enjoyment of every bite combined with top wines.

So, if you do not want to suffocate in the thick smoke of cigarettes, our recommendation is to visit one of these restaurants. Believe us, you will be delighted by everything – from tightness, food, kindness, to good drinks and views.

Enjoy visiting Belgrade!

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