The best steak in Belgrade – why do we love it so much?

Where to try the best steak in Belgrade, if not in one of the most famous restaurants in the capital that serve steak as the most popular dish on the menu? You can try this specialty in warm appetizers where it is served, for example, in puff pastry with some delicious topping, or as a main dish with various side dishes. Often grilled steak also arrives in salads, and the only part of the stew in which juicy beef cannot appear is actually dessert.

Not every steak is the same, and the quality of a piece of this beef can only be assessed by an experienced culinary master who has been preparing the best specialties for many years. The best steak is from those cattle that have been actively moving, and the color of the meat itself, on the basis of which the quality of the steak is assessed, speaks volumes.

Where to eat the best steak in Belgrade?

In the following lines, restaurants in Belgrade are presented that will offer you the juiciest steak, if you want to try something tasty, high quality and rich.

Restaurant Cross – steak in many ways
Cross Restaurant offers excellent cuisine, whether you choose to have lunch in the pleasant ambience of this restaurant, or for dinner, which is always accompanied by a great music background. The steak stands out from the restaurant menu, in several different variants that conquer all true gourmets.

In the Cross restaurant, you can try a steak salad, with finely chopped pieces of meat, combined with a green salad, tomato and a delicious sauce that gives the salad a special flavor.

Apart from being a great source of energy for the whole day, the salad itself is enough to satiate you, so if you only need a snack – you won’t go wrong if you order this delicious combination. In addition to the salad, steak is also offered as a main course, with the addition of cooked vegetables, sauces and side dishes that will make you return to Cross for the most delicious lunch in town!

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Restaurant Dva Jelena – the best meat in the most beautiful corner of Belgrade
The next location where you can try a great steak is in the bohemian heart of Belgrade. Restaurant Dva Jelena is one of the oldest in Skadarlija, and it is known for its phenomenal menu with various flavors. Here you can try beefsteak in forest sauce, which is served with a very creatively designed plate decoration.

The chefs Dva Jelena bake this steak in a berry fruit sauce that covers half of the plate, while the other part is served with delicious potatoes in their shells with a few side dishes. A meal served in this way is a real pleasure, especially when you take into account the ambience of this cult restaurant, and the famous Skadarlija spirit that no one can resist.

Restaurant Magaza – steak lunch by the Sava
From Skadarlija we take you to the bank of the river Sava, more precisely to the restaurant Magaza, which captivates with its urban note and modern ambience. The Magazine’s menu also includes a dish with steak, more precisely Tatar steak, which is one of the most popular specialties in this restaurant.

True gourmets recognize the highest quality meat from which this steak is prepared, and the atmosphere is enhanced by various side dishes that Magaza serves with a lot of love and attention. In addition to having a great lunch or dinner in Magaza, during the meal you will also enjoy a great view from the Concrete Hall, so going to Magaza is a multiple atmosphere for lovers of good food and a pleasant atmosphere by the river.

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Dardaneli Restaurant – a rich steak with a number of side dishes
Dardaneli Restaurant is one of the most popular places in the capital for quality enjoyment of the best food and phenomenal atmosphere. There are various specialties on the menu that create difficulties in the final selection of the order, but in the spirit of this text, we single out the steak tartare with burek dough pies.

The very name of the dish speaks volumes about how rich and plentiful this lunch is in the Dardanelli, and the mixture of flavors with the dominant taste of beef with various side dishes will surely take you back to the Dardaneli and on another occasion, to enjoy, according to many, the best steak. in town.

Why is steak such a popular specialty in Belgrade?
If you have ever wondered why steak is a favorite dish of all gourmets, the answer lies in the perfect nutritional composition of beef fillet, which is characterized by low caloric value, and is also highly valued among the world’s best chefs.

Precisely because of that, every better restaurant in the world, but also in Serbia, will offer you a steak in some form, and the taste will delight you regardless of how the meat is served. For skilled cooks, preparing steak is always an interesting challenge, because this meat can be prepared and cut in several ways.

The steak offer varies from well-roasted, through medium-roasted, then medium-blooded and very bloody. You can get it in a round or square shape, and the taste of the meat leaves enough space for side dishes and additions that enrich this specialty, popularly called the king of meat.

If you are planning lunch or dinner in Belgrade right now, we are sure that after reading this text you know where to go for a good Belgrade steak. Order a steak and enjoy the flavors of meat and rich toppings, and we are sure that the ambience of each of these restaurants will further spice up the atmosphere and brighten up your lunch with friends or family. We wish you a pleasant meal!

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