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Meet the most beautiful terraces and roofs of Belgrade!

Cafes with a view of Belgrade make everyone who visits them visible from the most beautiful, bird’s eye perspectives, and it also provides an excellent ambience for complete enjoyment, as well as one of the favorite activities in beautiful places – photography.

The roofs of Belgrade, as well as the terraces of Belgrade, of course, provide the most beautiful views, and are definitely the best choice for all lovers of beautiful, city views and panoramas.

Cafes with a view of Belgrade are very diversely distributed throughout the capital, so they also have a view of completely different parts of Belgrade. If you visit them all, you can practically get to know the whole of Belgrade, from your favorite, high perspective!

Find out in the text below which are the best cafes with a view in Belgrade and which roofs and terraces of Belgrade you should visit in order to see the most beautiful Belgrade panoramas!

Hotel Hilton

Did you know that this hotel also has a cafe on the terrace, with one of the most beautiful views in the capital?

Prestigiously decorated, with elegant furniture and top service, which perfectly adequately justify the world-famous reputation of the Hilton brand, this terrace is perfect for a variety of occasions.

Enjoy the view from the Hilton terrace on the most famous roundabout in Belgrade – the beautiful Slavija!

Foto: Instagram printscreen

The View
Who is for a little idol of Vracar, a wonderful view of the Temple of Saint Sava and a perfect meal?

The View restaurant opened its doors to visitors a little over a year ago, but given the huge popularity it has gained, it would never be said – this restaurant is always looking for a place more! When you hear that the name is dedicated to the view from its terrace, you can certainly already guess what a fascinating view it is.

The temple of Saint Sava, as well as its surroundings with Karadjordjev Park and the very heart of Vracar, is in the center of the panorama that appears from this terrace of Belgrade. Enjoy The View and the phenomenal cuisine from its offer.

Foto: Instagram prinstcreen/theviewbelgrade

Kalemegdanska terasa
Is there anything more beautiful and famous in Belgrade than the Kalemegdan fortress, its walls and the beautiful Ušće?

Restaurant Kalemegdanska Terasa managed to include them and offer its guests a view of Kalemegdan and Usce. This restaurant never lacks a good atmosphere, and the offer of drinks and the breadth of the menu additionally recommend it for various types of socializing.

Whether you want to organize a romantic date with a beautiful view, go to lunch with friends, or maybe fascinate business associates – the restaurant Kalemegdanska terasa is here to answer your every request. This is one of the most popular terraces in Belgrade, so be sure to book your place in the restaurant!

Foto: Instagram printscreen/kalemegdanskaterasa

Sinnerman Jazz Club
If you are not in the mood for a fancy variant of restaurants and cafes, but would like to enjoy a cafe with a view in which there is a completely relaxed atmosphere and great beer is drunk – Sinnerman Jazz Club is the place you are looking for.

It is located on the roof of the cult House of Trade Unions, and from this terrace of Belgrade you will see the roofs of Belgrade in the very center of the city, but also Nikola Pasic Square, and the beautiful building of the National Assembly.

Drink coffee, beer or eat something delicious at the very source of King Alexander Boulevard – then thank us for this suggestion!

Foto: Instagram printscreen/sinnermanjazzclub

When it comes to cafes with a view, Belgrade can definitely be proud of its phenomenal roofs and terraces that provide quite fascinating views of the capital, and here we have listed only the 4 best and most popular!

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