Experience the fantastic world of illusions in Belgrade

The Museum of Illusions was opened in Belgrade on May 22, 2018! This fantastic museum, perfectly designed, is designed for all generations. It has more than 70 exhibits and is the sixth of its kind in the world, right after Zagreb, Zadar, Ljubljana, Oman and Vienna. Shortly after the opening, at the address Nušićeva 11, this kind of wonderland became one of the most interesting locations in Belgrade.

The Museum of Illusions will provide you with a fantastic and unforgettable adventure, but also an opportunity to learn a lot. Remember, in the Museum of Illusions – nothing is as it seems, but that’s the charm, isn’t it? If you want to spend a perfect day in Belgrade, let your choice be this fascinating world of imagination and illusion. The Museum of Illusions is an ideal choice for families, friends, couples and excursions. Simply, endless fun for everyone.

Do you believe everything you see?

When the Museum of Illusions was opened in Belgrade, a large number of people hurried to see what was hidden behind the doors of this truly unusual museum. Immediately at the door of the Museum, visitors realized that they were entering a completely new world, the world of illusions, which is played with everyone’s senses. The exhibits of the Museum and numerous workshops left the guests completely confused. The Museum of Illusions has become a place where visual, educational and sensory experience have merged, which leaves everyone present speechless. More than interesting museum exhibits are a reminder to us that our assumptions about the world we see are really just assumptions.

Exhibits – Wonderland

What sets this Museum apart from the others is the opportunity to take pictures or record everything that happens to you. This is especially interesting in the Room of Mirrors, where you can see an unlimited number of your copies, and the mirrors create the illusion of an infinite room. In the Room of Mirrors, screens and mirrors are placed in such a way that it creates a feeling of movement through space and endless rooms for visitors. Sounds interesting? What are you waiting for?

There is also the Inverted Room. Change your view of the world by 180 degrees! You just have to experience it. Try the Illusion of a chair that changes the experience of size – the person sitting on the chair looks extremely small compared to other people in the room. Jump into the Vortex tunnel – try to take a step in the rotating cylinder and you will understand what we are talking about.

The Vortex tunnel will completely drive you crazy and make you literally struggle to advance through the rotating cylinder in an effort to make every next step – on a completely flat and stable surface!

Foto: unsplash

Did you know that you can have dinner with yourself? You don’t understand? And with 5 of your copies? It is possible – in the Museum of Illusions! It’s a real experience when a visitor sits at a table with five of their copies, you haven’t experienced anything like it.

You can experience the person in front of you shrinking or increasing in just a few steps in the Ames room. At first glance, this room seems completely normal, but the trick is that the room is perfectly distorted so that the observer just experiences this illusion – a giant in one corner, and a dwarf in the other.

Behind every illusion, there is a scientific explanation, in order to better understand what is happening to us, that is, the difference in what the eyes see and the brain does not understand. Don’t forget the important fact, to visit this Museum, it is most interesting to be in the company, because the best illusions need at least two people! Also, if you want to take the perfect photo, you have precisely marked positions from which to take photos!

All magical exhibits

If the description of some of the exhibits attracted you to visit the Museum of Illusions, you will only be attracted by the names of other rooms:

  • A deceptive stick
  • Turntables
  • Clone
  • Anti-gravity room
  • A bottomless hole
  • Stereogram
  • Kaleidoscope
  • A mirror of truth
  • Head on a tray
  • An ambiguous cylinder
  • Hollow face
  • Optical illusions

You will have to visit the Museum of Illusions and find out for yourself what kind of entertainment is hidden behind these extremely imaginative names.

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