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The most beautiful places for photography in Belgrade

Belgrade will certainly not disappoint you when it comes to the most beautiful photography. Our capital has very well understood and embraced the trend of ‘Instagram’ photos, so certain places in the city are now well known to tourists and are the main attraction for capturing unforgettable moments.

Before you decide to visit Belgrade, look for the most popular hashtags on Instagram that are related to our capital where you are sure to find inspiration for places where you can take the most interesting photos.

Be sure to turn your creativity to the maximum, devise in which position you will notice yourself standing next to the most popular sights, restaurants, cafes or museums. Take a look at the weather forecast and prepare for all conditions. Even a cold winter morning in Belgrade can be a great background for photography – the likes on your Instagram will just arrive.

In addition to creativity, it is not bad to pay attention to styling. Show yourself in the best light and wear your favorite combination. Isn’t that the perfect recipe for one photo with a lot of likes? Good location, so you don’t need any filters in your favorite coat. This is how the most beautiful photos of Belgrade and the most beautiful memories from the trip are created.

Some places are simply more popular than others and everyone rushes to them, while there are also those who like to explore lesser-known places and take photos where everyone will sigh and ask themselves: And where was this taken? Below we share with you some ultra popular and some lesser known places in Belgrade where you will enjoy taking photos.

Temple of Saint Sava

The largest Orthodox church in the Balkans impresses visitors with its size and history, as well as its beauty. It is difficult to put this splendor in the frame of 1080 × 1080 on Instagram, which is why posing and taking photos in front of the temple is one of the biggest challenges for all tourists. The whiteness of the temple walls is a great contrast to the blue sky and we recommend that you walk there on a sunny day. Once you’re there, you can’t help but go inside and take a few photos of the dome from the inside.

The Republic Square

Recently reconstructed, the square has completely changed its appearance and has now taken the form of a wide and open space as in all major world capitals. It is decorated and framed by recognizable symbols of the city – the monument to Prince Michael, the National Theater and the National Museum. If you photograph it from Kolarčeva Street, you will get the best shot, in which all three mentioned symbols fit. Forever the most important gathering place for Belgraders, it has now got a new look and will probably be the most popular place for photography in the coming period.


A beautiful park with a fortress, as well as the largest park in Belgrade. Then, the place that is most often visited, considering that 5,000 people pass there every day. At the same time, the location from where there is a perfect view of the Pobednik monument, the mouth of the river and the sunset. There are many gates on Kalemegdan through which the most beautiful views of the river.


Today, Skadarlija is one of the obligatory places visited by foreign tourists. The place is completely different, it exudes Serbian culture and tradition. It differs from other places that are modern today in their bohemian atmosphere! If you want the perfect selfie, you will definitely get it here!

Botanical Garden

A real oasis in the center of the car jungle, the noise of heat and smog. It got its name because King Milan Obrenović gave the city land, which was inherited by his grandfather Jevrem. It is beautiful at any time of the year. This is a great place to escape from everyday life. The most beautiful for photography are the Japanese garden and the main greenhouse.

Foto: unsplash

Terazije Square

On Terazije Square, there is also the Hotel Moskva and the Terazije Fountain, a favorite place for picture collectors. Below it is the Terazije Terrace Park. Next to it is the Palace of Albania, is what separates Terazije and Knez Mihailova. Also, the view from Terazije to Slavija is really special because it looks at the temple. A walk through the entire Kralja Milana Street to the fountain is recommended for good shots.

Foto: unsplash


Dorćol is an urban place in Belgrade. It is located on the territory of the Old Town and has access to the Danube. It is specific in its appearance and provides great pleasure by walking through its streets. The streets of Dorćol will be perfect for taking photos and improving the look of your photos on Instagram.

Savamala and Beton Hall

Rarely has anyone visited Belgrade without taking pictures in these places. After the opening of the promenade, Savamala and Beton Hall became the most popular location for taking pictures for Instagram. Savamala is known for its extraordinary murals, but also for the architecture of the buildings, which are a great background for your photos. Seize the opportunity and take the perfect photo!


Finally we take you to a quieter place where there is not much crowd and where you can walk for hours (regardless of the season) and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful nature. Belgrade is lucky that one such forest is part of its wider city center, only a few kilometers from the center. Serbian kings also walked in this oasis many years ago, enjoying the peace and beauty of Kosutnjak. Have a picnic and surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend, who we are sure will be delighted with the ambience and will want to immortalize that moment forever in a few photos. For us, Kosutnjak is the most beautiful in autumn, when warm colors are at every step, the leaves rustle under your feet and the air becomes more pleasant and colder.

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