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Belgrade offers a lot – food and nightlife are its trademark

When you hear Belgrade, what do you think of first? Of course, the rich nightlife that leaves every tourist breathless! Let’s start with the night life.

In Belgrade, every night is Friday night. Everyone is ready to party all the time, dance the night away, and go straight to work the next day. It’s really hard to resist the temptation when you know that on any given evening there are countless clubs out there full of young people having so much fun.

The mainstream clubbing scene consists of venues playing house music, progressive, tech house, and turbo-folk (a sub-genre of folk music with dance and pop elements specific to Serbia), but you can also find places specialising in R’n’B, pop, rock, trance, alternative, jazz, or just about any other type of music in existence.

Tourists mostly go for Mainstream clubs, since they do not feel the vibe and do not understand music at the local music places.

Both Mainstream and National Live Clubs require: Prior reservation ( guest list ), to be on time and no sport wear. If you want to experience both scenes, we suggest you start from Skadarlija first.


The Belgrade evenings starts with a stroll in the pretty neighborhood of Skadarlija, previously known as “The Gypsy Quarter”. Soak up the cultural atmosphere in one of the many pop-up galleries or stop by an antique shop, before making your way to a trendy bar for live music and drinks. The cobbled streets and mesmerizing street art of this historical area makes for great photo opportunities, while Skadarlija is jam-packed with restaurants too.

Clubs by the river

You’ll find some of Belgrade’s clubs by the two beautiful rivers. Both Sava River and the Danube boast the top spots for partying in summer time. Freestyler next to Sava is an electro club, while Club River offers more mainstream music. Club Lasta – here you can enjoy a night of house music and magical atmosphere in an actual floating club. Make sure to book a table in advance if you want to be guaranteed entry. Remember that the river clubs are closed during winter.


Tavern in Belgrade have definitely been in the lead in the last few years when it comes to nightlife. More and more young people are choosing this type of entertainment, which shows how good the atmosphere is in such places.

Belgrade offers a really great offer when it comes to cafes and we believe that sometimes it is difficult to choose the right one in which you will feel in tune with the mood, so we are here to introduce you with one, most popular!

Very modern tavern Ona moja is a favorite for fans of modern tavern evenings until the early morning hours. This, always full cafe, works all 7 days a week, so it is ideal for those who do not have the opportunity to go out on the weekends and relax.

As far as music is concerned, the Ona moja tavern is known for the frequent visits of the biggest stars from our stage, so the fun is guaranteed. Mostly folk and pop music is sung, but you can certainly hear an old-town song if you have a musical desire, depending on the performer who is a guest that evening.

The interior of the cafe is very interesting because it is combined with modern, quality lighting and checkered tablecloths, wooden furniture and very nice details that evoke an additional feeling of a real cafe.

Members of different generations go out in the Ona moja, and what they all have in common is a desire for a good time. This is an ideal place if you want to celebrate something, mark an important date, or maybe you want to get over someone with the most famous hits and the highest quality drinks.


It is not easy to talk about restaurants in Belgrade, more precisely because of the large number of top restaurants, this task is simply ungrateful. All the best restaurants in Belgrade offer an ideal combination of tradition and modernity, and it is a matter of personal affinity what style you prefer.

We can say that the gastronomic offer in the capital is so diverse, that absolutely everyone’s taste, need and pocket can be satisfied. The institution of restaurant life in Belgrade is closely related to the institution of the cafe, to the spirit of bohemianism, nurturing good food, taste and home-made.

Where would you feel the spirit of Skadarlija more faithfully than in the restaurants that have adorned it for years? For all lovers of national cuisine, ethno restaurants in Belgrade are designed to provide a unique home experience that is equally enjoyed by the local population and all tourists who fall in love with Serbia at the first bite.

Authentic restaurants such as Restaurant Tri šešira, Restaurant Zlatni Bokal and Restaurant Dva jelena stand out. When it comes to restaurants with music, Belgrade especially singles out bars from the famous bohemian quarter on its map. Enjoy Serbian gourmets, music and traditional ambience in Skadarlija!

The famous Belgrade municipality, known for its numerous cultural monuments, historical and Orthodox heritage, has in recent years differentiated itself as a very attractive destination for urban day and night life. Thus, today the restaurants in Vracar are one of the most visited, and with a different scene, program and diverse menu, this part of Belgrade has ranked at the very top of the service sector of the capital.

When you hear the phrase – elite restaurants in Belgrade, everyone mostly thinks of restaurants located in the heart of the capital, Vracar. International cuisine, light snacks, various menus with breakfast and American diners make up the largest part of Vracar’s offer. The most popular (and most photographed) bars in this municipality are Voulez Vous and the Lova restaurant.

Pastry shops

We often talk about great pastry shops and sweet places around the world, unfairly neglecting sweet places in Belgrade and Serbia, where you can try everything from delicious homemade cakes, perfect pancakes and ice cream. We decided to share a secret with you to begin with – a top confectionery in which the emphasis is primarily on homemade cakes and pies.

Pastry shop Milica is located at the end of Skadarlija, at its very bottom. This confectionery has been located in the same place for decades, and it offers various types of homemade cakes, cereals, cakes, ice cream. She kept the spirit of old Belgrade, which she did not give up. Be sure to visit it if you are nearby and sweeten up with top-quality sweets!

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