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Excursion outside Belgrade: Why go there?

Pancevo and fish restaurants

Pancevo is always a good idea, when you need an escape from the city, and you would not want to drive somewhere far away. You can go to the “Šaran” cafe (a cheaper option and excellent food, with huge portions) or to the “Šajka” (more attractive option). This time I decided to show you “Shajka” first. I present it as a summer and winter destination, because it has a beautiful garden on the banks of the Thames, where even on weekdays more space is sought, and in winter the fire crackles from the fireplace and is especially romantic.

What makes this place especially interesting to me is the way to get to the restaurant. Namely, when you park your car in one of the places near the Tamiš quay, walk along the river and you will see a signpost for the restaurant. When you reach the small raft, you will see that you need to ring the bell here and they will pick you up by boat. You can ride a boat for literally half a minute, but it’s a great experience. Of course, you go back the same way, because there is no other way. The ride is free.

I recommend that you make sure to reserve a place, because you can stay without it during lunch, even on weekdays. Although they offer barbecue and meat dishes, I definitely recommend eating fish here. Whatever you order, you won’t go wrong. With lunch you can try the beer “Dilema”, which is produced by the local Pancevo brewery. After lunch you can sweeten up with their homemade nuts. Prices are a shade lower than in Belgrade.

Another restaurant that I recommend is the restaurant “Šaran”, which is located on the banks of the river Tamiš. Not far from the restaurant there is a large parking lot. It is very clean and nicely arranged, but modest. It is quite romantic and beautiful for couples. In summer there is a terrace, from which you can watch the river.

I recommend you try fish soup, and many locals go here at least once a week for fish or veal soup. You can also try all kinds of fish, which are a specialty here, as well as chicken croquettes. The portions are extremely large, so half a portion of soup and half a portion of the main course will suffice.

In winter, the restaurant is also open, and the view of the snow-covered Tamiš is fantastic from here and gained a special charm at sunset. It starts to fill up slowly around lunch, and then it is difficult to find a place by the windows, which offer a beautiful view of the Thames.

The prices are low, so you will have a nice lunch for a decent amount. The staff is very friendly, unobtrusive and helpful.

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