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If you are planning to start your route from Belgrade and spend a quiet weekend with a loved one, we suggest you go to one of the following picnic areas. They are located not far from the city center or about thirty kilometers from the border of Belgrade, so the trip will not take much time, and your stay will provide many quality romantic moments.

Belgrade Zvezdarska Forest
In addition to urbanity, asphalt and the possibility of quality entertainment indoors, Belgrade also offers spacious green areas, which are the perfect place for a trip that will relax you and provide the necessary dose of fresh air. The best example of that is the Star Forest, a real natural oasis in the city center. This natural monument is located in the eponymous Belgrade municipality, on the right side of the Danube and is one of the most important eco-systems in the city. It is an area of ​​145 hectares of forested part, of which 21 have been arranged and turned into a park. It includes a variety of flora and fauna: acacia, black poplar, American ash, pedunculate oak, black and white pine, as well as numerous species of birds and other forest animals. The beauty of the forest is that the animals live in it unhindered, so don’t be surprised if a bambi joins you during your stay or a woodpecker lands in your company. In addition to this, the park consists of landscaped hiking trails, outdoor exercise areas, covered benches, which are ideal for romantic moments of lovers. During your stay, you can visit a nearby cafe or restaurant serving local cuisine, and together enjoy a tasting of meals in a pleasant environment, with a beautiful view of the green natural beauty.

How to get to the Zvezdarska Forest?
From the city center to Zvezdarska Forest you are about 40 minutes away by public transport, and available lines are: trolleybus 28 or bus 65, which depart from Studentski trg and New Belgrade, via Zeleni venac. If you go by car, you won’t need more than 20 minutes.

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