Medovača – the secret of honey brandy, and why everyone loves it!

Medovača is a popular brandy with a recognizable taste, which is often enjoyed when going out. This sweet drink has different shapes, from those that look most like liqueur in their structure and color, to those that are transparent that look like brandy.

How this brandy is made and whether there is any secret recipe for honey, we reveal in the text that follows. Also, we will present you this honey alcoholic beverage through a healing prism, considering that honey was created to treat people.

However, it can be said that it still manifests its healing effects on those who enjoy consuming it every time they go out.

Take our honeymoon and discover all about this brandy.

How is medovača made?
Before you go to the tavern and order this brandy, we want to tell you what you actually drink, that is, how to make honey.

Honey is a drink obtained by distilling completely or partially fermented honey. This brandy is actually a fermented solution of sorted honey obtained by distillation of boiled honey. Taste, density, color and strength depend on which honey is used, as well as how the preparation process is applied.

Medovača brandy heals
Our people like to drink without thinking about a hangover in the morning, and we even more like to believe that the alcohol we consume is healing, and that it will bring us good health. Truth be told, we are often right, especially when it comes to brandies.

Almost all domestic brandies that our people prepare have their healing effect, so domestic honey is no exception. When consumed in moderation, honey can have beneficial effects on our health, especially on the circulation. It is also recognized as a brandy that raises immunity, improves blood counts, and protects against infections.

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Folk medicine against bacteria and viruses comes from the ancient Slavs
How did we come to enjoy a sweet honey drink today, which also gives us its healing effects?

Namely, honey is one of the oldest drinks, which we inherited from the ancient Slavs. For them, honey was one of the basic foods they added to many meals and drinks. So they decided to make this sweet elixir of health, which will have a beneficial effect on their body.

Thanks to that, today we have a recipe for a folk remedy against bacteria and viruses, which strengthens the immunity of our body, and in addition strengthens us with its sweetness and pleasant taste.

When to drink medovača?
We believe that you will answer this question yourself, and say that the right time for honeydew is always when it is nearby, or when you want to sweeten your outing with a glass of this brandy. However, if you want to feel its beneficial effects in addition to the irresistible taste, then it is best to drink it as an aperitif.

Namely, this brandy is best when served before a meal, and when you drink it chilled. The reason for that is that it affects the appetite and improves it. It is a great base for the food that will follow.

We hope that we have opened your appetite with the story of honey brandy, and that on the first next time you visit Belgrade, you will order honey.

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