In what tourists usually spend money on in Belgrade? Marinkovic

Every tourist likes to bring something interesting from a certain place he has visited. Whether it is a town or a village in our country or not, we all like to take some memories from there.


Tourists in Belgrade usually spend money on souvenirs. What somehow belongs to the obligatory purchase, especially lately, is certainly the purchase and collection of magnets from many countries, cities with motifs that describe exactly those places or simply by their names. There are various shapes, colors, sizes and works, so sometimes making the decision that is the most beautiful can be a real torture. Another reason why magnets are most bought is definitely their price, especially if you have a large number of friends to whom you want to bring a gift from other parts, without spending a fortune on it. The prices of magnets are mostly the same everywhere in the world and generally vary from one to five euros, it all depends on its shape and method of production. The nicer the magnet, the higher the price. They are certainly still considered the most practical and economical gifts.

Homemade brandy/Rakija

Tourists in Belgrade, in addition to the obligatory magnets, still want something authentic from our country. It is known that one of the most famous brands in Serbia is certainly brandy. Drinks that foreign tourists buy in Belgrade are the same as their famous metaxa is bought in Greece. Tourists often buy plum brandy, apricot or, on the recommendation of friends who have already tried all our types of brandy, they bring a certain taste. What every tourist needs to know is that, depending on which country he comes from, certain rules apply at the border when it comes to this drink. In some countries, only a certain amount can be imported, so find out in time so that you do not have problems entering your country at the border. Not everyone likes the taste of this alcoholic beverage, but every tourist has heard the story about the healing effect of brandy, so it should be used at least occasionally as a preventive measure.


Another thing that tourists most often spend money on in Belgrade is certainly our unique handicrafts that show our folklore and history in an authentic way. These are often knitted sweaters, hats, gloves, slippers, and even our folk costumes. The rugs are also very well sold, especially because they are associated with the ethno places of our country and their origin really has a rich story. This story is something that most intrigues all tourists who want to learn something about Belgrade. Serbian footwear, the so-called sandals, are a detail that many buy in the form of key chains, or as another souvenir that will hang on their wall of memories.

Books about Belgrade are bought only by rare collectors, as well as DVD collections with photos of our city, but also video or audio recording. Other items with inscriptions or motifs of our country or Belgrade, such as cups, T-shirts, caps, flutes and everything that can be a souvenir of one place, tourists usually take in larger quantities. There are also our famous products, such as jam, jam or honey. Many homemade balms, herbal preparations, and even teas do not lag behind when it comes to what tourists most often buy.

City tour

During their stay in Belgrade, tourists also spend money on going out, cultural places, museum tours, city cafes, clubs and everything that makes Belgrade. Many of them say that it is not expensive, especially when it comes to longer accommodation or an apartment for a day in Belgrade. It is again an individual thing, but depending on the country they come from, they compare our prices with theirs. Every tourist with whom we had the opportunity to discuss what is most spent on money in Belgrade, stated that convincingly the most money is spent on entertainment!

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