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Winter in Serbia – unforgettable moments worth remembering!š Krstić

Serbia is a country very rich in natural beauty. A country through which the most beautiful and cleanest rivers flow, a country rich in vegetation, which has many beautiful springs and healing spas, and on whose territory there are beautiful mountains that take your breath away even in summer.

If you are not a resident of our country, and you want to visit it this winter, we tried to describe in a few lines what Serbia has to offer, so that you can fully experience all the winter magic in our country.


If you like skiing, Kopaonik is the right place for you. The largest ski center in Serbia, and its highest point is Pančićev vrh, at 2017 meters above sea level. Kopaonik is an ideal winter destination because it has about 200 sunny days a year, which is very suitable for enjoying skiing, walking or cable car rides. Kopaonik is a place where seminars, recreational classes and competitions in extreme sports are held, and it does not lag behind in the sphere of nightlife. If you have never visited Kopaonik, we strongly recommend that you do so as soon as possible.


Zlatibor is another natural treasure of Serbia. The mountain whose highest peak is located at 1496 meters above sea level, Zlatibor is unique in that it is ideal for summer as well as for winter. Zlatibor is located 230 km from Belgrade, halfway to the Montenegrin and Dubrovnik coasts. Zlatibor has an average of 2000 hours of sunshine during the year. This beautiful place can satisfy all your needs, whether you want to relax or enjoy adrenaline and extreme snow sports.

In addition to these two mountains, there are also Divčibare, Tara, Rudnik, Zlatar and many others in Serbia. Each of them will give you an unforgettable experience to enjoy worth remembering. It is up to you to decide on one of them.


If you are not up for a stay on the mountain, you can always visit the Serbian capital. Belgrade is something special in the winter, because regardless of the weather conditions and temperature, it exudes warmth and coziness. The street lighting is installed throughout the winter and that gives a unique glow to Belgrade evenings. When you freeze while walking through the beautiful streets of Belgrade, you can warm up in many Belgrade cafes and restaurants with mulled brandy or wine.

With snow, of course, everything is much nicer, so it is just the icing on the cake every winter in Belgrade. Various events are always organized for the youngest, and there is also a special winter program in theaters for all ages. There are also Belgrade museums that are always current and that should definitely be visited regardless of the season. However, some moments cannot be described in words and that is why it is best to pack your suitcase and experience an adventure called Belgrade first hand.

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