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Belgrade city transport – basic information about public city transport

GSP Belgrade is owned by the city, so for that reason this type of transport is called “city”. Public city transport in Belgrade includes transport by buses, trams, trolleybuses and city rail. Issuance of transport tickets is covered by the BusPlus system, so it is obligatory to advise all those who are not from Belgrade and visit it as a tourist to buy a BusPlus card at the first traffic and pay the appropriate amount of money on it.

When it comes to Belgrade, city transport is divided into four zones, and depending on which zone you travel in, as well as which zone you go to, the price of the ticket will also depend. Validation of tickets is performed on the device located at the front door of the public transport vehicle. In addition, you can buy a ticket from the driver.

Bus lines Belgrade

There are 153 bus lines at the city level, which connect all parts of the city, and you can find their timetable on the official website of the carrier. What is especially important is that vehicles travel quite often and that it rarely happens that a passenger waits for a longer period of time for the desired transport.

GSP night lines

What Belgrade can be proud of are the night lines of public transport, which are available to passengers after midnight. The night buses run on 25 lines, and you can also find their timetable on the GSP website.

Belgrade tram lines

The tram is another type of public transport in Belgrade that all interested tourists who want to visit Belgrade have at their disposal. City transport in Belgrade currently serves 15 tram lines – 2, 2L, 3, 3L, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 11L, 12, 12L, 13, 14.

Trolleybuses Belgrade

When it comes to trolleybuses, Belgrade can boast of 10 lines on which vehicles of this type operate – 19, 21, 21L, 22, 22L, 28, 29, 29L, 40, 41. Trolleybuses are a particularly interesting type of transport.

When it comes to traffic in Belgrade, there are many opportunities that tourists can use to be safely transported from one part of the city to another. Whether you use public transport or drive your own car, one thing is for sure – Belgrade is worth visiting “along and across” because it is a city that offers so much to see, and there are great ideas on how to spend the summer in Belgrade.

If the traffic regulations are respected or if you have a bus, tram or trolleybus timetable in front of you, it is certain that you will do well and that staying in the capital and driving through Belgrade will be an experience to remember.

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