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What tourists dislike in Belgrade?

Tourist Organization of Belgrade, recently conducted yet another survey among the tourists visiting Belgrade. The results are expected, to say the least.

On the other hand, there are even more interesting answers in the “dislike” field. Even though Tourist Organization said that the survey wasn’t done in the most professional way (whatever that means) the results are clear and go inline with the things I already mentioned in one of mine blog posts.

Among things visitors liked in Belgrade where quality of nightlife and the vast variety of cafes, restaurants and culture.

(c) Tourist Organization of Belgrade

One of the issues is public transport and growing problem of illegal taxis. The other is cleanliness of the city itself and the quality of facades around the city.

The third thing is the lack of tourist information (tourist centers, tourist signs and general info.

Absolutely agree with people visiting Belgrade on all those points and hopefully city will do something about it in the following months.

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